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    Dogs Set on Fire in Dallas

    Dogs Set on Fire in Dallas


    Several neighbors rushed to help the dogs while others tried to chase down the 15- and 17-year-old believed to have set the dogs on fire before turning them loose in the street. By the time police arrived, the teenagers were gone -- though they were later identified.
    The dogs were turned over to Dallas Animal Services, but both dogs were burned so badly they were euthanized.

    "Ironically, April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month," said England.

    What the he!! is the matter with people?
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    OMG those poor dogs How can anyone conflict pain like that on a animal or a human. Those kids need serious mental help. I can see them hurting someone in the future
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    I couldn't read the article. Your snip was enough. What kind of monsters are parents raising? Unfortunately since they're juveniles they'll probably either get probation or a slap on the wrist.

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    Where did this happen? Reading the comments section is almost as sickening as the story itself!

    Sounds like the people who live in and around this area have some serious issues (besides needing spellcheck!).

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    I'm not going to read the article and am just going to say at 15 & 17 they knew absolutely 100% what they were doing. And I won't say that I'd be happy to supply matches for punishment okay?

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    Breaks my heart to read the snip, no way I can read the article... I'm glad these punks were identified and I hope their punishment is severe. Poor dogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SieSie View Post
    I hope their punishment is severe.
    It's a felony and it happened in Texas so we shouldn't worry about that unless they're from connected families. The 17-year-old may end up in adult court but I guess the younger one will go to juve. Cruelty to animals is not highly regarded in jail so it could be pretty hard time at the bottom of the prison food chain. Deserved if you ask me, unless the guys are complete whackos.

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