I would like to point out re-occurring themes from the latest bunch of interviews that tend to point out the family dynamics and personal dynamics as noticed by those around the Anthony's. These are things we have heard at least once or more than in one interview or witnessed.
Also we have seperate threads to discuss each person but it helps to tie in all together....

Controlling of George and Casey
Leans on Lee
Overstepped place with Caylee - more like a mom than grandmom
Wore the pants in the family
Demeaning to her husband
Big talker -long winded

Trouble with career
Easily stepped on by Cindy and Casey
Argued with Casey - not a close relationship
Appearances suggest not close with Lee (father-son fishing/ball game close)
Not good with money
Anger issues when provoked
Clean and detailed (clothing, police report, cleans car, yard) Not sloppy

Appears to be the family mediator
Steady job and girlfriend
Talks around a subject not to the point

Nobody calls her on her lying
Worries about appearance
Not close to father
Screams at and demeaning to mother
Told 2 different people she was going crazy
Reportedly a good mother (friends, aquaintances and family)
Talks around a subject not to the point
Has numerous boyfriends
Doesn't work or want to work
Likes to cook and clean and play housewife
Not good with money
Screams at George and demeaning (more than Cindy)
dependant on others
on the internet alot
not known to have done drugs by close friends until recently.. since May
Partied... several friends testify that she is not a heavy drinker (21st bday was a big night)
love/hate buts mostly hates her mother

likes to sing
likes to color
did not want to be far from mother
not shy
well behaved
cute kid
clean, well-groomed
liked variety of food (chili, green beans)
was exposed to educational videos
close to grandparents
did not see Lee much

Other re-occuring themes that came up in interviews
Cindy called Casey a lot and asked her to come home, even if Caylee was with her mother.
Cindy had ordered Casey to leave a graduation of a friend to come home and pulled her out of a restuarant.
Cindy and Casey texted and called each other alot.
Everybody knew Casey was a liar and NO BODY ever called her on her lies
Everybody had an idea that she was not working and definitely was not an event planner
Everybody said they had not heard the name Zenaida... only the nanny and/or Zanny.
Was not held responsible for prior stealing
Good mom to Caylee
Overprotective of Caylee
Caylee did not like being held by Casey's friends