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    I am hoping that casts, XRAYS or records survived somewhere. I mean, if she ever was seen at a hospital for a head or mouth related injury, there would be some kind of XRAY likely, or perhaps her dentist still has her file. Even blood or tissue from any kind of surgery might be helpful...longshots all I realize but trust me it would be faster than an exhumation. Peace.
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    I'm pretty sure that all the kids were gone from the home when she disappeared, but I could be wrong. About the dental records...they were a military family (Air Force, I think) that moved around frequently prior to moving to Grayson County, so if she had dentures done by the military, I don't know how anyone could track that. Maybe someone out there does. At the time Rose disappeared, there were only two dentists in Whitesboro, but I seriously doubt she would use them if free dental work was available through the military. Believe99, how did you find your info, i.e. that the family had done DNA testing, that there was a grave in the basement, etc? Just curious as I'm not getting a response from the daughter and I've about come to the conclusion that there's a division in the family regarding this. I haven't given up, but I'm not going to push too hard right now either. My mother was murdered and I know from experience how difficult it is to talk to people about it sometimes, even years after the fact, so I figure she'll talk when she's ready. Or she won't. It's absolutely her choice. In the meantime, I...and you all...will keep searching, won't we? Thank you all!!

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    Bumping for Rose....

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    Nothing new here. Unfortunately, the daughter has broken contact. I had hoped maybe she could help. I am so new at this, I have no idea where to go from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa727 View Post
    Nothing new here. Unfortunately, the daughter has broken contact. I had hoped maybe she could help. I am so new at this, I have no idea where to go from here.
    Do you believe she broke contact with you, because you are searching for Rose? And family may have put pressure on her?

    I just read your post about your Mom, So sorry about your loss! I hope there was some justice for her! I've not been in your shoes, so I cannot imagine, but you will be in my prayers, to ease your pain and sorrow!

    I wish there was more to add here, but you're right, nothing new has shown up! Not even a newspaper article to remind us of her missing!
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    Yes, I'm sure that's why she broke contact, but I don't understand it. There is a lot of speculation that her father was involved, so maybe that's why. I just don't know. I think that the Grayson County Sheriff's Department needs a reminder on this. Isn't there someone on here that has a connection to the various LE offices? I thought I saw something one time.

    My mom's death was a long time ago, so I'm okay, but thank you. There was no justice for her though. That's why I get so frustrated with LE agencies that brush aside family violence cases.

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