I've been reviewing the two Christmas photos of JonBenet and have come across some things that bother me.
First of all, if the picture of Jonbenet and Patsy was taken on Christmas morning why were the curtains shut? The room seemed too dim for it to have been daylight outside and if you look behind Patsy she has a shadow like all the light is on the other side of the room. I think this picture was taken Christmas night instead of that morning. Also, if this is true then it would place the picture taking in the same evening that Scott Gibbons claimed he saw strange lights- could he have noticed the camera flashing? Though curtains are generally believed to block out all light I have tested this theory. If a picture is taken directed towards a thick curtain, light will be seen on the other side. However, if you use a flashlight the beam is not strong enough nor covers the same area as a camera flash, making it much less noticeable. This is a possible explanation for the strange lights Scott Gibbons observed.
Another reason I believe this picture was JonBenet's last is the difference in clothing she is wearing in the other picture. In the picture of JonBenet and her mother she appears to be wearing a simple, cotton, long-sleeved shirt much like the one she wore to the White's party and the one she was wearing when she was found in the cellar. Yet, in the picture where she is surrounded by gifts, her night shirt looks like it has a collar, ruffles, and possibly a v-neck. In this picture she seems full of energy, but in the other both mother and daughter look fatigued from a long day. Also, in both photos her hair is styled the way Patsy claims she fixes it when she is preparing her for bed.
These are my questions, theories, and opinions, as always I'm waiting for y'all's excellent input. You've all helped make things clearer in the past so if you have any opinions about these pictures let me know.