An unsolved murder in Springfield, MO, is getting a fresh look from the FBI's new Serial Killer Initiative. The cases studied by the FBI's group all have something in common: the victims were found on or near highways.

Tractor-trailers cross America every day. Thousands of drivers ride the concrete of Interstate 44. One of them may be the person who killed Gloria Barnes. Someone dumped her body 12 years ago behind the old Seven Gables truck stop on West Chestnut Expressway near Interstate 44.

Springfield Police Sgt. Allen Neal is working with the FBI's new Serial Killer Initiative to find the suspect. It's a group that may connect the dots to other murders across the nation.

“The mode and manner of death along with some of the physical evidence we located at the crime scene is consistent with some of the other cases we've looked at in this initiative,” said Neal.
The FBI is reviewing details of the case -- details that were never released to the public before now.