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    Giant Space "Blob" Found.....

    Astronomers don't even know what to call because they have no idea what it is.

    It's HUGE. 55,000 Lightyears long and if I understand correctly is out of time. They were looking back 800 million years when they found the object that is apparently 12.9 BILLION yrs old. It is only the third object seen in our universe that is that old. I guess that means it is traveling? Not sure.


    I am so fascinated by space. The idea that when you look up into the sky at the stars, galaxies, etc you are literally looking back into time. By the time that starlight meets your eye that star could be dead.

    Edit to Add:

    More Info: they have found space blobs before but never one this old. Apparently since they are so massive scientists believed it had to take millions, even billions, of years for them to form so finding one that is 12.9 billion yrs old is baffling them. That is what I got out of it anyhow.


    As of right now this 'blob' is the largest known thing in the universe. It is estimted to be between 1-2billion yrs old and is 200 million lightyears across - unfathomable:

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    Wow, I've never heard of space blobs.
    It sounds like something from an old sci-fi movie, "The Space Blob Attacks!!" or something.

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