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    WI - Mike Merkes, 55, Oshkosh, 25 April 2009


    27 April 09

    Early Saturday morning Mike Merkes from Oshkosh drove off in his car and vanished.

    Now his family fears a sleeping medication may have played a part in his disappearance.


    Mike had apparently driven away, without his glasses or contacts and only the clothes on his back.

    "You can drive while you're sleeping and I'm kind of thinking that might have been what happened," says Cheryl.

    A possibility, since Cheryl says for the past three weeks Mike had been taking Ambien CR, a sleeping medication known to have side effects like sleep walking or driving. Police found Mike's car in an abandoned parking lot near the Fox River. It was empty.


    Mike Merkes [55] is described as 6' tall, 190 lbs, with sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. His family believes he was wearing a black [Adidas] jacket at the time of his disappearance.

    more at link

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    I hope he wakes up soon and returns home. That Ambien appears to be scary stuff!


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    I hope he's ok

    I hadn't heard anything about this....I'm in Madison but Oshkosh is only an hour and half from hear. My boyfriend grew up in Oshkosh (now he lives here) but we were up there all the time. Anyway, I'll try to find some updates if possible from the local news sources etc. I really hope this man is ok, but it doesn't sound good ;-(

    Actually I'll ask Weston's dad (my bf) if he's heard any news regarding Mike, since he still lives there. Since he's also a doctor there, I would like to hear what he thinks about the Ambien possibly causing this!?

    I wish there was more information available.

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    UPDATE: Wife thinks sleeping aid may have played role in husband's disappearance

    While she does not have any evidence to support her theory, Cherie Merkes believes the prescription sleep aid her husband, Michael, took may have played a role in his disappearance.

    As a result of taking Ambien CR, Cherie Merkes said she believes her husband may have sleep-driven from their residence on County Trunk R in the town of Black Wolf to the area near the Oregon Street bridge where she thinks he may have sleepwalked into the Fox River.

    "I just know in my heart that he’s in the water," she said. "I also know that whatever he did, he had no control over it."

    In the days leading up to his disappearance, Cherie Merkes said he husband had been feeling tired and sick. After calling into sick to work at Waupun Correctional Institute on Friday, Cherie Merkes said her husband took an Ambien CR and went to bed around 9 p.m. that night with an upset stomach. She said she checked on him around 10:30 p.m. and they decided if he did not feel better in the morning, he would go to the walk-in clinic.

    When Cherie Merkes woke up at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, her husband’s contacts were in the bathroom and he was gone.

    His cell phone was turned off and when she learned he had not been to walk-in clinics or emergency rooms in Oshkosh or Fond du Lac, she got worried.


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    Had he taken ambien cr before? Had he had bad results before? Had he had an amnesia like episode before? If he was feeling sick, why taking ambien?
    I feel for this family.
    But his wife saying she knows he's in the river, that he sleepwalked into the Fox river bothers me.
    Yes, that could happen. People on ambien cr have had weird things happen.
    But, he did not have his glasses on or his contacts in. Maybe he could see well enough to drive anyway. He did not have his cell phone on.
    I do hope they find him safe and sound.
    God has a plan to help bring justice to the world -- and his plan is us.
    Gary Haugen
    Source: Founder, International

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    Still missing

    Michael Merkes has been missing since April 25th. More at link

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    Body pulled from Fox River in Oshkosh Identified as Missing Man

    Authorities pulled a body from the Fox River at 9:15 this morning. A Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputy says the person is 55-year-old Michael Merkes.
    His body was located in the mouth of the Fox River near Lake Winnebago. It was found close to the Old Pioneer Inn.
    The remains were 150 yards from north shore near a light house.


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    Oh my gosh, this is terrible news....I am so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    I know that Ambien can be very danagerous, I've seen it.

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