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    marine watches daughter born via webcam

    ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) - A local Marine, thousands of miles away from home fighting on the front lines in Iraq is able to witness the birth of his baby girl thanks to a new program.

    On Monday afternoon, Corporal Nick Sousa from Attleboro was nearly 6,000 miles away and still able to see his daughter, Farrah's birth.

    how absolutely wonderful just wish this was used back a couple years ago, I know my brother would of given anything to see his children born
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    O/T cc81 but the past few years have been wonderful for us here in this community in the regard of communications. We have VTC available to us on a regular basis (video tele-conferences) I can't tell you how wonderful it is to go into a room, sit down and see your loved one's face pop up from the other side of the world! We scheduled as often as possible (once a month) for most of the last deployment and it was great for the kids.

    Our community even takes the equipment to the HS graduations here, so that the Mom's and Dad's that are deployed can watch their children march down the aisle in real time to get their diploma.

    On topic, yes it's amazing and this is done many times. It's wonderful and it's so much better than when I first married my Husband. So many of us gave birth by ourselves while our husband's were gone, this way those Daddy's can say "I saw you born".
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