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    GA - Police Raid Bar, Find 14-year old Topless Dancer


    AKRON, Ohio -- Police say a 14-year-old girl was dancing topless at an Akron strip club when they raided the bar.

    Akron police conducted the raid Friday night at the Playhouse bar and arrested four dancers.
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    Call me cynical, but I have a feeling this type of thing is much more prevalent than we know.

    This place getting busted may have just saved this girl's life in the long run. I sure hope so.

    I believe it is a short jump from underage stripping/'dancing', to underage prostitution.

    Shame on every single 'adult', criminals in my opinion, that 'allowed' this to happen, or had ANY knowledge of it at all and did nothing. They should ALL be held accountable.
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    How sick! my oldest is almost 13. I just couldn't imagine this going on. YUK!!

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    I wonder how old this girl looked. Now days 14 yr olds can look 21 yrs when they apply a lot of makeup. I'm glad that she got caught too. She probably had fake ID too. I wonder if her parents had been looking for her or if they just didn't care what she did with her time. Maybe she was helping support the family. Nothing would surprise me anymore. I'd like to hear more about this.

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    Where were her parents??? Did they think she was at another job? Or did they not care that their 14-year-old was out all the time??

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    As sad and disturbing as it is, it is not uncommon at all. I know someone who started "Dancing" in a topless bar when she was barely 17.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissieMt View Post
    As sad and disturbing as it is, it is not uncommon at all. I know someone who started "Dancing" in a topless bar when she was barely 17.

    Not only that, but as someone mentioned before, if she had a fake ID then I can hardly blame the owners of the club. There's also a big (sick) market for young looking girls who are over 18. In fact, a friend of my husband's did porn and was in "Barely 18" movies when she was 25 because she looked very young. So if the kid was 14, looked 16 and had an ID that said she was 18, I am sure they snapped her up.

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