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    Shark bite victim - 8 years later

    OCEAN SPRINGS — Jessie Arbogast has come a long way in the eight years since a shark attack in Florida left him bedridden with a feeding tube.
    He is now 16 with a mustache and lively blue eyes. He sits up in his wheelchair and participates in his life. And for the most part, he’s happy.
    His body still has bite marks — imprints of the shark’s teeth. A huge portion of his right thigh is missing, his right arm has scars between his elbow and shoulder where it was reattached and he has brain damage caused from major blood loss, but he’s interested in what’s going on around him, and he comes off as lively and robust, though unable to speak.


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    Thanks for this update, Curious J. That incident has stayed in my heart and it is good to read that Jessie and his family have weathered this as well as could possibly be expected. It was a great article.
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    What an incredible and loving family and an inspiring story. With all the sad news of children being hurt and killed by a parent, this is so uplifting to read. Thanks for linking it here.

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    His smile is amazing! Bless him and his family for making it through. This definitely puts a smile on my face. What a wonderful family!

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