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    TX - police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims

    This kind of activity is legal? Who knew?


    Roderick Daniels was traveling through East Texas in October 2007 when, he says, he was the victim of a highway robbery.

    The Tennessee man says he was ordered to pull his car over and surrender his jewelry and $8,500 in cash that he had with him to buy a new car.
    But Daniels couldn't go to the police to report the incident.
    The men who stopped him were the police. (more at link)

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    This makes the pirates trolling off the coast of Somalia look like amateurs.

    I'd like to hope they'd string up the LE folks who are committing these felonies while hiding behind Texas law, but I have a feeling this will get a little publicity courtesy of CNN and then disappear. Makes me want to plan my next vacation driving thru small almost-towns in rural Texas.

    Just MHO and no offense to Texans who are as disgusted by this as I am.
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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.
    Believe me when I tell you Shelby County is the most backwards place on earth. Not far at all from where I live and some really strange stuff goes on in those parts of the woods. Check this out from 1998 http://www.texascivilrightsproject.o...on-joaquin.pdf this little town is just up the road from Tenaha.

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    This is not surprising. there is a speed trap in our town. They will pull you over for the border thing around your license plate, tinted windows, barely speeding you name if they can get money they will do it. They just love to search cars! The city of patton village is actually a neighborhood in side our city. They have about 5 miles of hwy 59 that they can patrol, and they do it well! I was kinda shocked they were not the ones in this acticle.

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    Wow if I was planning a trip through Texas I sure would do anything to avoid this town! The Mayor has been in office for over 50 years! I'm thinking there's a real need to get some new blood in there. I'm betting these officers never had a problem stealing all the money and jewelry on a Saturday and then sitting in the front row at church on Sunday either.

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    The attention paid to Tenaha has led to an effort by Texas lawmakers to tighten the state's forfeiture laws. A bill sponsored by state Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, would bar authorities from using the kind of waivers Daniels, Henderson and Busbee were told to sign.

    "To have law enforcement and the district attorney essentially be crooks, in my judgment, should infuriate and does infuriate everyone," Whitmire said. His bill has passed the Senate, where he is the longest-serving member, and is currently before the House of Representatives.

    Let's hope this gets put in check. There are enough "bad guys" out there without the ones sworn to protect & serve joining their ranks! I know why they felt this was an easy, lucrative little operation to pull off... money (cash in particular) going south in the state of Texas gets all LE's attention. Drugs go north, money goes south. Unfortunately, of late, the money is going back in the form of ATM cards, however. Crafty drug operators. Laws & regs so far haven't included the ability to seize bank cards, so operators are a step ahead in that game. But... these bozo badged bandits should be seeing less and less cash at least and perhaps in the meantime their "operations" will be curtailed.

    (maybe it's just me... but I wouldn't feel comfortable traveling with that kind of cash anyway.)
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