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    I really don't see why there can't be a 'missing child/person" cable channel. Most cable networks have requirements in communities for so much public service. Providing a public service channel. It seems to me since all of this information is already digitized - it could just be put on a loop. Airports could be required to play it 3 hours a day, etc. I am not saying there has to be a whole story - 20 seconds with the child's picture and then another 20 seconds if the picture is available 'aged'.

    If a child has just become missing (even if they don't comply with amber alert guidelines) they are still missing. Let's face it, even custodial issues can still place children in danger. The loop could be interrupted and flash traffic inserted for the specific area. This same loop (since it is digitized) could be available through the internet and thus available through a link on a library site, government site, etc.

    It really doesn't have to be that hard. If you look at them Jaycee Dugard and Shawn Hornbeck didn't really look all that different. Perhaps if these offenders knew the pictures were out there and being broadcast it would make them think a bit more. I also heard a statistic recently that although many of the people in this country live below the poverty line they still afford cable television (above internet). You can get into a lot of homes through television. People watch sumo wrestling at 1 am they will turn to this channel occasionally and who knows what will happen.

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    Here was a situation raised to me offline by another MA in a 3 week period, the Herald reported three attempted child abductions in three different towns. When you put the articles side by side, you could see immediately that the description of the vehicle and the driver were essentially the same. I called it in to the towns involved and they were unaware that they each held a piece of this puzzle.

    Dude had the same MO as well in terms of approach to a child he singled out-now some kind of state or county wide alert on this would have been nice. Unless you read page whatever where the little blurb was buried, you would have no idea that a creep in a white van was attempting to abduct children.

    I am all for some kind of alert regarding things like this and missing children as well as adults-a blurb....something that would catch the attention of the general public in the area.
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    Great topic

    Perhaps the "amber alert" could be modified so that when there is no real vehicle/perp description it could still be sent out in a "localized" area??

    we now have "silver alerts" for missing older people/altzheimers/developmentally disabled etc....I don't know that their critera is as strict as the "amber alert"...

    I think that we could have "amber alerts" for all missing kids and people who choose to get them on their cell phone or computer should be able to "adjust them".. to accept them or reject them based on what they are willing to accept so that our cell phones don't get overloaded with "alerts" not near us etc

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