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    House for Sale for $1

    "LEESBURG, Va. (AP) A two-story farmhouse on sale for a dollar in northern Virginia is drawing attention from prospective buyers as far as Alaska and Great Britain. There is a catch, however. The land is not for sale, and the buyer will have to pay to have the house carted away.

    The 1880s farmhouse is more than 2,500 square feet. It needs to be moved to make room for an assisted living facility.

    H.H. Hunt, the company that bought the property, said whoever moves the farmhouse needs permission from local officials and possibly the Virginia Department of Transportation.

    The company initially received about 10 calls for the home after running newspaper ads. But a recent article that was linked on Yahoo.com received more than 1 million hits."


    Another article at

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    How much does it cost to move a house? Haha

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    In all, moving a house costs about $65,000.....

    I've seen a company do this. It's cool to watch.

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    That's still a great deal! If you already have land, $65k for a 2500 sf house is so cheap! I guess there would still be other costs though, like getting plumbing and electric hooked up and everything.

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