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    LA - Kayla Bjorndahl, 21, Denham Springs, 28 April 2009

    SNIPPED: "The body recovered from the Mississippi River this afternoon has been tentatively identified as that of KAYLA COX BJORNDAHL, 21, of Clay Center, Kansas who was visiting family in Denham Springs, Louisiana. The presumptive identification is based on clothing, tattoos and other unique personal distinguishing characteristics. Positive confirmation through fingerprints is still pending.

    Bjorndahl was reported as a missing person by her family to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office on April 28th. Her car was found in the parking lot of the Pastime Restaurant and Lounge, 252 South Blvd., on the morning of May 2nd. Her body was spotted in the river south of the old downtown dock by a transient around 4:30pm today and recovered by the Baton Rouge Police Department Dive Rescue Team.

    An autopsy will be performed by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office, probably tomorrow, to try and determine cause of death..."


    SNIPPED: "Baton Rouge Police confirmed the body found in the Mississippi River was that of Kayla Cox Bjorndahl.

    The 21 year old went missing last month.

    A homeless man that set up camp on the old downtown dock saw her body floating in the water.

    Police are waiting on an autopsy report. They don't suspect foul play..."


    Okay, call me crazy, but if her family reported her as missing, and she turns up floating in the MS River, how can LE rule out foul play?

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    SNIPPED: "A Denham Springs man says he doesn't believe his daughter's drowning was something she did on her own.

    Baton Rouge police have positively identified the body of a woman pulled from the Mississippi River on Monday as a missing Kansas woman. The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner's Office determined the cause of death for 21-year-old Kayla Cox Bjorndahl as drowning, but investigators do not suspect foul play.

    Bjorndahl was recently married and living in Clay Center, Kansas. She was in Louisiana visiting family in Denham Springs when she disappeared on April 28th. "As the days went by, I really started to worry and I didn't want to believe what had happened," said Frankie Cox, Kayla's father.

    He spent days searching for his daughter but says things took a turn for the worse when her car was found near the Mississippi River last Saturday. Two days later, Baton Rouge dive teams pulled her body from the river. "It hurts so bad," Cox said. He says he's still in shock over the mysterious death of his only daughter, Kayla. "She was just a good girl. The best girl I could have ever had. She's a better person than me. I'm a good person, but she was a good person."

    Cox says he doesn't think her death was intentional on her part. "In my heart, I just don't believe she would have done anything to herself. Maybe something happened and she wanted to get away. That's what I believe." For now, Cox says it's about putting together the pieces and trying to figure out what did happen to the young woman he'll always know as his little angel. "I'm gonna try to be strong," he said. "I have a son and that gives me hope, but I'm gonna miss her. I know that" ..."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chezhire View Post
    Okay, call me crazy, but if her family reported her as missing, and she turns up floating in the MS River, how can LE rule out foul play?
    That's what I'm not understanding either. Even if she was a runaway, how can they rule out foul play when she's found in a river?

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    SNIPPED: "Latest Headlines: ...

    Woman with Clay Center ties found dead in Louisiana


    Woman with Clay Center ties found dead in Louisiana


    The body of a woman loosely connected to Clay Center, Kayla Cox Bjorndahl, was recovered Monday from a bank of the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, La. Police were awaiting autopsy results Tuesday to determine “the cause and manner of death,” said Sgt. Don Kelly, of the Baton Rouge Police Department. The Baton Rouge Police Department reported that Bjorndahl, 21, resided in both Clay Center and Denham Springs, La., which is two miles east of Baton Rouge. Clay County Sheriff Chuck Dunn said Bjorndahl had little or no association with Clay Center. The woman’s husband, Jesse, had once been stopped by a Clay County sheriff’s deputy, but Dunn did not say when that traffic stop occurred. “They were apparently a military couple,” Dunn said. Dunn knows nothing of the woman. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office had not been notified of Kayla Cox Bjorndahl’s death. ..."


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    SNIPPED: " ...Police: Woman’s death not result of foul play

    Advocate staff writer
    Published: May 6, 2009 - Page: 1B
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    Authorities said they do not suspect foul play in the drowning death of the 21-year-old woman whose body was found Monday floating in the Mississippi River.

    Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman Sgt. Don Kelly said the death could have been accidental or could have been a suicide.

    Kayla Cox Bjorndahl was reported missing April 28, police have said.

    An autopsy revealed no visible signs of trauma and the condition of her body suggested she had been floating in the river from four to six days, said Don Moreau, chief of operations at the East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office.

    Toxicology test results are still pending.

    Kelly said Bjorndahl was fully clothed when she was found, except for her shoes, which could have fallen off in the water.

    Bjorndahl’s father, Frankie Cox, said his daughter would not have committed suicide and that if she fell into the Mississippi River, it was either an accident or she was trying to get away from someone.

    “She’s never been down and out,” Cox said. “She’s always been happy.”

    A resident of Clay Center, Kan., Bjorndahl was in Louisiana visiting family in Denham Springs, her family has said.

    Bjorndahl was last heard from in the late afternoon of April 28, when she called a friend before going into Pastime Restaurant and Lounge at 252 South Blvd.

    Pastime’s owner, Randy Wesley, said Tuesday that Bjorndahl came into the restaurant, ordered a cheeseburger to go and left after receiving her order. He said there was nothing strange about her behavior.

    When Bjorndahl’s family did not hear from her that evening, they filed a missing person’s report with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

    On Saturday, her family located her car, a silver 2008 Scion, in a parking lot in the 100 block of South Boulevard. Kelly said that nothing about her car was suspicious. It was locked and the keys were not inside...."


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    I see, she was married and off on her own. Still, why would she decide to go swimming in the river alone? And if she was visiting family out of state, did her husband come with her?

    *I need to read all the articles before responding. It still seems strange that she would fall into a river...

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    Rest in peace Kayla.

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    SNIPPED: "Coroner: Kansas Woman Drowned; Death Not Suspicious

    Posted: 4:55 PM May 5, 2009
    Last Updated: 4:55 PM May 5, 2009



    A | A | A BATON ROUGE, La. - The Baton Rouge Police Department confirms Kayla Cox Bjorndahl, 21, of Clay Center and Denham Springs, La., drowned.

    BRPD's Dive Rescue Team recovered Bjorndahl's body from the Mississippi River on Monday. She was reported missing by family members Tuesday, April 28.

    Bjorndahl was recently married to Jesse Bjorndahl, a soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kan. The two moved to Clay Center on January 1, 2009 from Baton Rouge, according to their landlord, who wished to remain anonymous.

    Jesse was at training camp as part of the preparations for an upcoming deployment when Kayla was reported missing.

    Family members say Kayla was visiting her parents and friends in Denham Springs, La.

    The Bjorndahl's landlord said the two were great tenants who were excited about furnishing and landscaping their new home, which they had planned to buy. He said they were "a couple of nice kids."


    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .............................

    So...apparently she was here in LA on vacation visiting her family and her hubby was back home in KS. I haven't seen or read a thing that would indicate why she'd jump off the bridge ... father says he can't believe she'd commit suicide ... so I find my hinky meter rising... I find her death quite suspicious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by January. View Post
    I see, she was married and off on her own. Still, why would she decide to go swimming in the river alone? And if she was visiting family out of state, did her husband come with her?

    *I need to read all the articles before responding. It still seems strange that she would fall into a river...
    That's why it's so weird to me. She's here visiting her family, father says he can't imagine her committing suicide, and husband is back home in KS.

    The place where she was last seen alive, the Pastime Lounge, is in a rougher part of Baton Rouge, downtown not too far from the MS river & bridge. I wouldn't go there by myself to get a burger, even though their food is really good...

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    Here's an idea of how close the location Pastime Lounge is to the MS river where she was found floating:


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    From what I understand, this girl was visiting her parents and brother because the brother is in the military and being deployed.

    She called her mother everyday whether in town or not. She was supposed to meet friends at Pasttimes's but I don't think the friends ever saw her.

    Her husband could not reach her, her parents could not reach her and she was reported missing.

    The family knew something was wrong. Her car had all of her stuff in it and was parked under a bridge.

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    Well, I know the Baton Rouge area. You do not just go swimming in the Mississippi River. It is known to have swift currents.

    I do not see this young woman committing suicide either. I know where you are talking about, Chezhire, and it is not the best area.That area actually would not be too far from the casino boat, would it?

    I am in Baton Rouge about once every 6 weeks and have seen the transient population increase there even in the last 6 years or so. I still love Baton Rouge, tho, and have family there.

    ETA: I just cannot see her ending up in the Ms. river unless there was foul play!
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    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I agree about her death being suspicious.

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    It doesn't sound like this gal has one reason in this world to want to end her life. She was newly married...landlord said her and her husband were looking forward to doing things to the home they were living in and planned to buy. She was visiting her family because her husband had just been deployed is the way I understand it. People who are happy with their life and it sounds like she was..don't commit suicide.

    I hope this isn't just an easy way out for LE instead of investigating. The last time she was seen was walking out of the place that she got a burger. Did she drive her car down by the river or did someone force her to drive it there? Did she go by the river to eat her burger and something happened? I wonder if there are places by the river that are isolated enough for something bad to happen to her and no one see? She could have just been sitting by the river and been attacked from behind. Poor girl. I feel so bad for her dad. He deserves to know what happened for sure to his baby girl. I hope he can afford to hire someone to investigate. It doesn't sound like LE is going to do anything.

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    This sounds VERY strange to me. By all accounts it seems like she was a very happy girl. It doesn't sound like someone who would commit suicide - so how in the world did she end up in the mighty Mississippi? Doesn't sound like she just went for "a swim" - she was fully clothed and the water is very cold! She either fell in and couldn't swim or someone put her in the river. One doesn't RUN into a river to get away from someone (as suggested in the article). But if LE doesn't suspect foul play - how do they explain her accidently "falling in" without anyone seeing her? How far down the river was she found from where her car was parked? And this bridge where her car was parked under - is it a place people often go just to sit by the river? It all just seems so suspect. Maybe she did fall in, but I hope LE hasn't shut out any other possibilities. My heart goes out to her family.

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