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    Drew Peterson is in Custody

    Drew Peterson arrested

    Slowly but surely these men will be put away for the crimes they committed, Craig Stebic and Raven Abaroa and all will pay for the crimes you have committed.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

    "Safety never takes a holiday" ~Britney Romito

    "It's easier to KEEP Raven happy, than it is to MAKE Raven happy." ~Janet Christiansen (Abaroa)

    "Right now you have the capabilities of being a God" ~Karen Abaroa Bolton

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    It's about time. Two feel good stories in two days.
    Bless the beasts and the children
    For in this world they have no voice,
    They have no choice.

    Iíve gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get back, keep me here.

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    Justice will be done for Kathleen, now if only Stacy could be found!
    Now what about the children? Hope HIS family doesn't have them!
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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