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    TX - Charges Pending Against Man Who Tried To Gouge Out Jasper Sheriffs Deputy Eyes

    Charges are pending against an Oronogo man who allegedly tried to gouge the eyes out of a Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy early this morning.

    Don't confront me with my failures.....I had not forgotten them.

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    Oh this guy is priceless.

    Mugger warning to Texas Mist.

    O.K. so he tries to gouge out a cops eye. The cop shoots him in the jaw. Then what? The girlfriend and her child are safe.

    I'm looking all over and can't find out a thing. Like where is this guy? Probably living down the street from me. Gouge out a cops eyeball. Is he dead from the gunshot wound? Locked up? Working at Wallyworld? What?

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