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    AR - Body found burned in trunk, Siloam Springs, May'09 - Carlos Echevarria Sepulveda

    In Benton County, official sources confirm neighbors discovered a burned body in the trunk of a car, on their driveway.

    Officials with the Benton County Sheriff's Department say the incident happened near the intersection of Highway 68 and Robinson Road in Siloam Springs.
    Evalena and George Nall live across the street from the scene of the fire, and say the noise of what they thought were gunshots woke them up at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning, but when they peeked outside, Nall says her husband saw a large fire.,4709915.story

    The Nail's neighbors found the body in the trunk of a burned out car in their (the unnamed neighbors') driveway.
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    Colleen Phillips says she's glad she and her husband, Buck, didn't run into the people or person responsible for the crime when they left home around 3:30 Sunday morning. "It wasn't there when we left, but 45 minutes later, there was a car burning in our driveway. It happened shortly after we left home, which is very unusual because we don't normally go anywhere that early in the morning: nobody does! It makes me feel very blessed and fortunate that we didn't run into those people when they were doing it!,4709915.story

    Seems odd.

    Also, the news keeps calling the Phillips "neighbors," even though the body was found in their driveway -- as in this sentence: "Shocked neighbors in Benton County say they're finding it hard to sleep, after a burned body in the trunk of a car was found in their front yard, just off Old Highway 68."
    (same link as above)

    More info about the burned vehicle:

    The car, which investigators believe is a 2002 Dodge Intrepid, sat midway up a long, rocky driveway at 14632 Old Highway 68.

    Investigators determined someone bought the car about a month ago from Car-Mart in Springdale, Sydoriak said. They're working on contacting the buyer.

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    The body has not been identified, but an arrest has been made.

    "Santiago faces a charge of Capital Murder
    . . . After a joint investigation, police arrested Santiago at the apartment complex. Three other men, 27 year old Jaimy Beck-Torres, 31 year old Pedro Juan Gonzalez-Tellado, 28 Jose Angel Telmont-Baez were arrested and charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution. Police still haven't identified the victim, but they say they believe Santiago and the victim were acquaintances.",2364460.story

    "Police arrested 34-year-old Jesus Santiago on a capital murder charge Tuesday. Three other people are charged with hindering apprehension.

    The body was found in a torched car in a driveway in Siloam Springs. Police learned that the likely victim was killed in a Springdale apartment. The victim has not yet been positively identified yet, but investigators say it is likely the man who owned the car.

    Police say four witnesses told investigators they heard Santiago admit to the slaying.

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    BENTONVILLE - Dental records assisted authorities in identifying the body found in a burned car as 26-year-old Carlos Roberto Echevarria Sepulveda. . . .
    Sepulveda had been living in Springdale since Sept. 25, 2008. His family lives in Puerto Rico, Sydoriak said.

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