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    Nevaeh's family waits
    October 16. 2009 12:11PM
    Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield acknowledges that throughout the case he has kept certain information secret. Details known by detectives are not being released, even to family members.

    The complete autopsy results still have not been released. The family knows that Nevaeh died of asphyxiation and possibly was buried alive, but she might have been unconscious at the time.

    Jennifer Buchanan said she was told her daughter's body had no signs of trauma or sexual assault. The only substance in her system was caffeine, probably from pop. Forensic results showed she did not have any drug in her system.

    Sherry said she hoped to obtain some hair for a locket or to see the striped red, white and blue shirt Nevaeh was last seen wearing. But nothing has been released.

    Jennifer Buchanan, who was reserved and cautious during the interview, said she lives with her mother in the Charlotte Arms apartments where the abduction occurred and has been looking for work. She said nothing good has come from the situation.

    She said she tries to maintain a low profile but some people in the community still blame her.

    "People notice me," she said. "They point, they whisper to each other. They can be cruel. I don't let it bother me."

    A headstone, flowers and several gift items adorn the gravesite of Nevaeh Buchanan in St. Joseph Cemetery.


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