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    TX - Jerry Evans exonerated by DNA in '86 Dallas rape

    "Jerry Lee Evans joined a brotherhood of sorts Wednesday when he walked out of a courtroom after more than 22 years behind bars for a rape that DNA proves he did not commit.

    Evans, 47, was the 20th man cleared by DNA evidence in Dallas County, which has had more exonerations than any other county the nation since 2001 when the state began allowing post-conviction genetic testing.


    "My whole thing was that when the young lady would see me in court, shed say it wasnt me, he said. I was shocked.

    Still, Evans holds no ill will against anyone. Hes just happy to be free, he said.

    Im not angry at all, he said.

    The man who prosecuted Evans, L. Dee Shipman, is now a judge in Denton County. He also prosecuted Smith, who was wrongly convicted of rape. He has not returned phone calls inquiring about either case."

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    This is scary. For 22 years a rapist has been walking the streets and an innocent man has been paying for his crimes. I know that in most cases the wrongfully convicted aren't saints, but this is the whole reason I don't agree with the DP. Especially in Texas where it's used so often and when the article mentions that Dallas County has the most exonerations out of any other county.

    Basically, I just wouldn't want to be the unlucky person who is convicted of a crime I didn't commit.

    I wonder how the victim feels now. I know it was almost an innocent case of mistaken identity, but GEEZ! How could you not live with the guilt of knowing that you put an innocent man away.

    From that article:
    "Evans’ three cousins are eager to help, too. He’ll spend time living with each of them until he finds a job and can afford his own place, said cousin Dwayne Jackson. They’ll also teach him how to use a cell phone and a computer."

    Poor guy. These are things we've taken for granted for so long and he's like Encino Man

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