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    MO - Judith Roth, 54, murdered in her Springfield home, 29 May 2009

    A twenty three year-old Greene County man with a history of mental illness has been charged with second degree murder for killing his mother and the homicide appears to be religiously motivated.

    Don't confront me with my failures.....I had not forgotten them.

    Jackson Browne

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    Obviously the man is mentally ill and violent. Assault most of the times, can and does turn into a violent act.

    But a lot of mentally ill people "embrace" religion and "sometimes" use religion to "negate" their responsibility for the crimes they act upon.

    This is sad, what is a Mom to do, just "give" up her son, it seems that this young man was very disturbed.

    Sad, but not unusual....

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    From February 2012:


    A man from Springfield pleaded guilty on Friday for murdering his mother in their home nearly three years ago.

    Skyler Russo, 26, received a 25-year prison sentence for second-degree murder for suffocating Judith Roth.

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