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    NC - Police looking for men who beat dog with machete


    Poor pup, I really hope they find the sick bastards tha did this, it's only a matter of time before they move on to humans.
    Happy New Years

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    I don't normally click on animal abuse stories....breaks my heart. Glad Buddy is recovering and hope he finds a wonderful family to love him forever.

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    "Men" were doing this to this poor little dog? Why? Why would someone microchip a dog, possibly with a false name, and then do this to him? It's just amazing that he survived.
    He was starved, too--you can see his ribs in the video.
    Just makes me sick. If I were the newscaster I wouldn't have been able to get through the story. Poor little guy, he looks so sweet.

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    This just makes me sick I am totally speechless right now! I hope they catch these freaks. What I want to call them is probably not appropriate to type here. It is just horrible to think any human can treat an animal in this manner. Well I guess with today's society anything is a possibility. I guess after taking in my Husky/Akita mix a little less than a year ago as a rescue I take these stories a little personally. He was found in a thickly wood area abandon, under weight, suffering from an infection, mange, etc... Nothing near what this poor pooch went through. Hopefully this pooch will now only know kindness. This is just such a horrible and sad story.

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