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View Poll Results: Is the Anthony Trial Changing Your Mind about our legal system?

204. You may not vote on this poll
  • YES - it's making our legal system into a joke.

    36 17.65%
  • Yes - I feel discouraged about the delays and length of time to trial

    45 22.06%
  • Yes - it makes me have more respect for our legal system

    13 6.37%
  • No - it's the same as it always was.

    75 36.76%
  • No - I always thought the legal system was somewhat of a joke.

    35 17.16%

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    A Poll - is the Anthony Trial changing your view of our Legal System?

    I've followed many legal cases and trials for a long number of years. Nothing has prepared me for what I think is starting to become a mockery of our judicial system.

    The delays, lack of focus on the defense and instead filing meaningless motions...

    the list goes on and on.

    Just wanted to know if I am the only one, or if others feel that this case "takes the legal cake".

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    I voted "No it's the same as it always was."

    If I could have written my own choice it would be "The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but don't lose hope."

    All big trials are like this. The more publicity a trial gets, the crazier the defense is going to be and the more motions and roadblocks they try to throw out.

    We just have to believe the police have enough evidence for the Prosecution to win their case. I have faith in the system, especially after the Laci Peterson case.

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    Yes, Jb and his 'team' are making it into a joke.

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    It's always been a joke.

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    despite my sheer distain for the A's, I truely feel their legal represenation is feeding their behavior. Apprently we are not allowed to call it a duck until a jury of our peers say so in a court of law.

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    My first thought when reading the title of this thread was a song from West Side Story, "Only in America" Defense team (Jb) pulling out the race card as an attention ploy should have at least afforded them an in camera penalty by our honorable Judge Strickland. Aren't we all created equal in the court of law? "Yeah, Right" I pray at every court appearance that Judge S makes JB tow the line. I'm sickened by all the people in KC camp that appear to have practiced the same smirkey,halfsmile, Gotcha look. I find there seems to be a bit of disrespect at times in the courtroom. I hope Judge S becomes the Courtroom Cape Crusader when trial begins.
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    I don't think it's the legal system that's the problem here; I think it's that joke of a lawyer JB. So I voted that I feel the same as I always have.

    This case has, however, made me question the benefits of the Sunshine Laws and further reinforced my negative view on the media in this country...

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    Know how we often hear of the 'CSI Effect' in discussions about a juror's expectations regarding (forensic) evidence presented in court? I think this case is creating the 'Anthony Effect' with respect to the quantity of information made available to the public prior to trial - particularly for followers from states that don't have liberal Public Records laws. From now on, when I follow a major case I'll instinctively expect tons of detail pre-trial, and probably won't get it. KWIM?

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    The joke started with the OJ Simpson trial and continues on today. When a suspects innocence or guilt is based on how much doubt the defense can spin into the facts or what dirt they can dig up on the investigators it's a sad day for truth and justice. When juries can ignore glaring facts based on something someone said ten years before than neither truth nor justice prevail.

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    I think the legal system is the same- it is the 24/7 media that we have now that makes everything seem different.

    10 years ago folks across the country or even in other countries who are following this case would not have almost instant access to JB's press conferences, the chase leading up to KC's arrest, live court room coverage, etc. So JB's inadequacies would not have been so evident.

    Keep the faith- Scott Peterson and Diane Downs were convicted with less evidence, IMO.

    I look to the defense to try to delay as long as possible in order for AL to file all her motions and try to get the DP out of play. Once that is accomplished she may disappear back up north, but certainly at that point the defense will start screaming "right to speedy trial" and this thing will move forward and hopefully the SA's office will win a verdict for Caylee.

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    I have to agree with Archenemy that the joke here is the defense not the legal system and I too question the benefits of the Sunshine Laws in FL - I applaud the overall idea of the public having the right to know but it is the details of information of witnesses that disturbs me. I have seen addresses and phone numbers, driver's license numbers, places of employment, and even a social security number or two for people who's only "crime" was that they knew KC and I had to look no further than a link on a news website for that information. My concern is that this case, in that respect, might discourage people from cooperating with or assisting LE in the future. I'd like to see FL find a way to protect the privacy of people who are only trying to help but aren't involved in the crime.
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    I voted that it's the same crappy system that it has been and I'm in Canada. I often say, "It's not worth the weight of the paper that it was written on".

    I'd like a poll, for the entire world to vote on....

    A. Let's keep the same circus system for this trial
    B. Let's go back to some old fashioned justice.....I'd be the first one to throw the stone!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello WS

    This poll is exactly what I needed. I put that I am upset at how long it seems to be taking...I forget exactly right now...but I see that seasoned WSers are not surprised. This is the first case I have followed while it was going on...

    I suppose there are reasons for all of it...but I do feel like JB is getting away with being a trouble maker and unprofessional. Will this trial begin in October?

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    I am not disappointed in our legal system but I am disappointed in the defense team as it is currently represented. I firmly believe in our justice system as it is the only one we have. i have lots of sympathy for those attorneys who honor and conduct themselves professionally, respect the law within the limits of the law and are put into cases where you have attorneys that behave like JB.

    Everyone is entitled to their day in court and to present evidence as well as to have a defense attorney object to any evidence. Just the matter of delivery is questionable and laughable at times. And these types of attorneys continue to deliver their "stick-like" antics in the court room.

    Considering what types of legal systems other countries have, ours is a dang fine one.

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    I wish that the TRUTH mattered more. That victims had more rights than the accused.

    I just wish that we could find out EXACTLY what happened to Caylee from Casey's own mouth- and that she was repentant. That is what I wish.

    I know. I am idealistic.

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