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    Question Photos Of Caylee Taken 1 Year Ago - RM and CA said Caylee was injured by falling?

    I looked to see if this was already discussed and could not find a thread. Mod's please move as needed if there is a thread on this already "TIA".


    POSTED: Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    Two of the last photos ever taken of Caylee were captured on June 2, 2008, at the Sutton Place Apartments. LE looked into whether the photos showed evidence of possible child abuse.

    The photos in question were taken a year ago, exactly two weeks before Caylee was last seen alive. She was then reported missing about a month later.

    VIDEO: Photos Of Caylee

    Some Children get bruised, scraped, fall, bumped or hurt by accident no matter how well they are being supervised. Some children get hurt at school or at day cares by other children or by accident as well. Kids are kids and they fall and bump into things, Caylee could of bumped into a table.

    Which makes me think about the different versions that I have heard through the media and rumors about Caylee bumping into a table.

    The call that Richard G. claimed he may of heard Caylee in the back ground for starters...he said he heard Casey tell Caylee to get off the table. He then recanted his statement from he was sure he heard Caylee to maybe he heard Caylee but was sure he heard Casey tell Caylee to get off the table. I also recall RM said Caylee was injured by falling against a table in February and Cindy saying Caylee fell against a table in January. I wonder which one occurred and did this happen often to Caylee?

    Could this be one of Casey's little piece of the truth? Did Caylee fall and bump her head and that is how she died? Or did Casey hit Caylee and then Caylee fell and hurt herself and that is how she died?

    I also wonder what DFS was called for prior? If I remember correctly there was already an investigation going on prior to Caylee being reported missing. (Or was this report called in after Caylee was missing for Casey not calling 911 to report Caylee being missing? Casey never called 911, it was Cindy 31 days later.) I thought it was after Caylee was reported missing when Casey was home on bond the first time that DFS followed up on what ever incident was reported and not much was said about the outcome. I could be wrong though. However, we have heard Cindy's statements of how bad of a mother Casey was. Even though she also recanted those statements and now calls her the mother of the year.

    I, agree that this picture alone will not prove much unless someone will testify that they saw Casey abuse Caylee and that is how she got the burn/scratch mark on her face. I guess we will hear more about it at trial that will not start until next year "IMO".

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    IIRC it was Jesse who had overheard KC telling caylee to get off the table but the phone is registered to his mum.
    Also DFS was only called in because of the neglect charges after the 911 call. There are no other records of DFS ever being involved with the anthonys.

    Interestinng thought though, that I had never considered re:Caylee falling off the table.
    The autopsy claims there were no signs of bone trauma, like a fractured skull, but I guess there could have been an internal bleed.
    Its so damn frustrating that we dont even have a COD to work from.

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    Please search for this discussion and post there. thank you so much.

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