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    MB - Laws & Alerts In Place

    This is where links for Amber Alert information, Abduction Laws, etc. will be
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    Manitoba Amber Alert Criterion:

    If a person under the age of 18 years is abducted, then the Winnipeg Police service will consider issuing an Amber Alert. For an Amber Alert to be activated, all of the following criteria MUST be satisfied:

    • The abduction has been confirmed (by witnesses or supporting evidence).
    • It is believed that the victim is in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death.
    • There is sufficient descriptive information about the victim, the suspect or the suspect’s vehicle to ensure the public can identify these elements.
    • The Alert can be issued in a time frame that would provide a reasonable expectation that the victim could be returned or the suspect could be apprehended prior to fleeing.

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    Task force to probe missing, murdered Women in Manitoba

    The Manitoba government, RCMP and Winnipeg Police Service formally established a task force Wednesday to review cases involving missing and murdered women in the province.
    "The province is supporting police in this vital task," Attorney General Dave Chomiak said.


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