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    Craigslist Ad Offers Baby For Sale Or Trade


    While searching for a stroller on Craigslist for her grandson, Szczepaniak said she scrolled by an ad that stopped her in her tracks.

    "I clicked on it and my head just started spinning," she said. "'I have a 6-month-old baby for sale and will also entertain most trades.'"

    The person listed on the ad, going by the name "Alex," said he was willing to trade a "healthy infant" for a truck, sport utility vehicle or a sports car.

    Szczepaniak said her response was, "Are you serious?"

    She said Alex even wrote her back with another trade option.

    "'I'm also considering boats, as well. Thank you,'" she said he told her. "I'm thinking, 'Are these people crazy? Is this a joke?'"

    Szczepaniak said she wasn't laughing, and after a call to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, neither were police.

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    Well at least the seller didn't kill the baby which seems to be the "in" thing to do today.

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    Please explain to me why Craigslist does not preview prior to post, delete before posting, and furthermore ban future listings from people like this!!!! Between Craigslist murders, rapes, and erotica, someone tell them to get their ***** together. Can you say "class action suit"? I see it looming.

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    I'm glad to read that this woman didn't laugh it off...I hope the baby is safe =)
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