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    New World's Oldest Man - WWI Veteran

    He was born in 1896. It boogles my mind to think of all the changes he has seen in society, culturally, technologically. He fought in the trenches of WWI with a bayonet on his gun in hand to hand combat and now he is still alive in the age of computer guided missles, robots, humvees, etc.

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    snipped from above link provided by gaia:

    ...Allingham's life has spanned three centuries and six monarchs, starting with Queen Victoria. He has five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 14 great-great grandchildren and one great-great-great grandchild...
    ETA: OT but my Husband's grandmother turned 100 yrs old DEC 2008.
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    I had a distant relative who recently died at around 105, and a high school chemistry teacher around here was still teaching at 100, I think. Incredible stuff!

    I can't imagine what that man is thinking.

    I hope I can live to a century. My country will probably get nuked first, though.

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