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    Canada - Katrina Effert, 19, charged in death of newborn, Alberta, 14 April 2005

    EDMONTON The jury is still out in the case of Katrina Effert, an Alberta woman who was 19 years old when she gave birth alone in her parent's basement and then strangled her baby with a pair of orange thong underwear.

    Jurors retired to deliberate Thursday shortly after 5 p.m.

    Effert is charged with second-degree murder, but has admitted to the lesser included offence of infanticide.


    Waiting for the results...

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    A young Alberta woman charged with killing her newborn baby in 2005 has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

    But the lawyer for 23-year-old Katrina Effert said he plans to challenge the jury's verdict and will apply to have the case declared a mistrial, calling it a "perverse and unreasonable" outcome.

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    From October 2011:


    More than six years and two jury trials after 19-year-old Katrina Effert gave birth to a boy in her parents’ basement after a secret pregnancy, strangled him with thong underwear and tossed his body, wrapped in a towel, into a neighbour’s yard in Wetaskiwin, Alta., the Court of Appeal of Alberta last week sentenced her to time served for improper disposal of a body.

    With a suspended sentence for the infanticide, she is now “a quiet young woman going about her life,” and working in her mother’s hair salon, her lawyer Peter Royal said yesterday.

    The ruling on the disposal charge, which spared her the remaining two weeks of a three-month sentence, follows an outcry over a judge’s comparison of infanticide to abortion, which was was held up as evidence that Canadian courts do not give full value to newborn human life.

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