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    CA - Man Demands Sex From 17 Year Old For Lost Dog, Hawthorne

    HAWTHORNE, Calif.—Police say a registered sex offender in the Los Angeles area who found a 17-year-old girl's lost dog threatened to torture the animal unless she gave him cash or sex.

    Hawthorne Police Lt. Mike Ishii said Monday that Alfredo Demkey of Lancaster found the girl's 2-year-old mutt Pineapple on Friday, called the number listed on the collar and said the dog would suffer if she didn't give him $70 or sexual favors. ..............


    Hes an RSO btw!
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    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I believe I would arrange the meeting to get dog for whatever... then proceed to beat him a new one!

    Pineapple, that is a cool name for a dog.
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    The link gives me an error message. Can somebody tell me how this was resolved? Did the girl call the police? Is the RSO in jail?

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    This should get you to the story. Girl hung up on the dude and he called back so she, her dad and the police set him up.


    Pineapple was returned unharmed.

    This RSO was BEGGING to be returned to prison.
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    Oh man, what a dilemma! Seriously. If someone had one of my kitties and said they were going to torture it if I didn't do this or that I would be stuck between a rock and a hard place(no pun intended). I would give him the cash (of course). obviously if I were in the position she was in where they were not in person and the alleged torture was about to happen I would do exactly what she did.

    I am glad Pineapple has returned safely.

    Last summer on the Upper West Side there was a string of dog-nappings. The perp would approach the walker, grab the leash out of their hands and demand money in order to get their dog back. They never caught the guy.
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    I couldn't get either link to work.
    Here's one with a picture of the creep.
    At first I was, `OK, someone's found my dog,"' the girl said. "But then when he asked for money and when he said if I didn't have money he wanted something else, I got scared. He asked for sex."
    He also threatened to torture the dog if she didn't give in to his demands. He told her he would "make (the dog) suffer," she said.

    "I started crying," she said. "He said, `If you don't want to do anything or if you don't want to give up money, I guess you don't want your dog.". . .

    He would not give her his address. Instead, he told her to meet her at the El Pollo Loco restaurant at Hawthorne Boulevard and Imperial Highway.

    She called her father.

    "(Dempkey) was there with the dog, but the victim's father and police met the suspect," . . .

    Friday evening, before the alleged extortion attempt unfolded, Hawthorne officers were conducting an anti-prostitution "John sting" operation on Imperial Highway. . .

    Dempkey was loitering near the sting. . .

    "After he was arrested, we find out it's the same car we saw earlier that was loitering near our prostitution sting," Ishii said.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ****** View Post
    Just confirms what I always say - sex offenders are defective humans and cannot be fixed.
    I don't know of anyone that thinks a sex offender can be "cured." And this one proved to be really stupid as well as sick.

    Dempkey was taken into custody on a suspected parole violation, but he possibly could face other charges, including extortion.
    With all the silly and pointless laws we have, why is there only a "possibly" he could face other charges. It is obvious this man is on the prowl for a new victim.

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