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    FL - David Madott, Omar Shearer, Kent Munro, all 25, Nov 1994

    At first this looks like a simple accidental drowning case until you look at the condition of the boat and the things that were not done that could have been.

    David, Omar and Kent were all Canadian and they were life-long friends. They traveled to Marco Island in FL in November of 1994 to stay with fellow Canadian Jeffrey Wandrich.

    The following account comes from the only survivor - Jeffrey.

    On 11/04 they took Jeffrey's boat out to wreck site of the Baja California to do some fishing and diving. Munru and Shearer had to surface early from a dive and when the other two, David and Jeffrey surfaced they say that the boat had about 3 feet of water in it. They inflated their buyoancy devices and stayed around the boat from 3:30pm-7:00 when the decision was made to swim almost 4 miles to a US Coast Guard tower. Jeffrey got separated from the other three and he made it to the tower. He was found the next day. No sign of the other three men have been found. They were supposedly wearing floating devices so if they drowned they would be floating on top of the water. If attacked by sharks there would have been remnants of their lifejackets, etc. The largest search in the Gulf of Mexico's history was underway and they did find a camera bag, 2 oxygen tanks and a lifejacket in tact. No sign of the men. The investigators were baffled by the fact the men had seemingly just disappeared.

    There are some things that do not add up:

    - Investigators could not find any reason why the boat sunk
    - 2 of the men were on board when the boat allegedly started to sink so why were the pumps not turned on?
    - Why did no one sound a distress signal?
    - The only person wearing flippers was Jeffrey (the lone survivor). All other flippers were accounted for. They were diving without flippers? Why didn't they put flippers on before the boat sank?
    - David allegedly tied himself to the boat as they all floated around it watching it sink without sounding the distress signal, without putting on their flippers and never turning on the pump.
    - Why did they not use that rope to tie to eachother so they didn't get separated in the rough seas?



    http://www.vanished.org/html/press_articles.html (all press articles)


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    Very sad case

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    Recent interview with Bill Madott, David's father.


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    Second part of interview with David Madott's father. The topic of the episode are the flaws in the survivor's story.


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