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    TX - Derrick Godfrey, 26, shot to death, Harris County, 1 July 2009


    "T" told Barnett that she had heard her son begging for his life.

    "She said he was saying, ‘I’m sorry man, don’t kill me’ and after that the gunshot,” Barnett said.

    The mother said "T" told her that her son, 26-year-old Derrick Godfrey, was dead and that his body was located at 13700 Duncum near Ironwood in east Harris County.

    Why would anyone call the mom to tell her that? why not the police. So sad. Poor lady.

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    “'I love you,'” Barnett said her son told her as he walked out the door.
    How awful for the mother. I can't imagine it.

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    What that guy did was beyond cruel.

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    Oh my god. This is horrible

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    As horrible as it is...at least with the close times, they may be able to get evidence and trace that call. I know...little comfort. =(
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    That poor mother. To hear her son pleading for his life in the background. What an evil person to call her.

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    I just don't even know what to say...As a mother, I think I would die inside. Again I say, what is WRONG with people today???
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    There aren't even words. That poor woman. I hope they get this POS soon.

    All kinds of hugs!


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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzybeth View Post
    That poor mother. To hear her son pleading for his life in the background. What an evil person to call her.
    The caller (a woman) told the mother that she (the caller) had heard him begging for his life and then she (the caller) heard a gunshot. It's horrible, but at least it's not as bad as the mom actually hearing it while it was happening.

    "T"(the caller) told Barnett (the mother) that she (the caller)had heard her (the mother's) son begging for his life.
    "She (the caller) said he was saying, ‘I’m sorry man, don’t kill me’ and after that the gunshot,” Barnett(the mother)said.
    [from first link in thread]

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    This report says a nephew took the call.

    "His own mother called 911 after her nephew got the phone call at 3am."


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    This sent a shiver down my spine. It reminded me of a rapist here in England who used to call his victims Mothers on the victims mobiles to brag about what had just happened to their daughters. Shocking.

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    How AWFUL for this family. However, if I were a bystander and witnessed a murder, no WAY would I go up to the body, dig through the pockets to find his cell phone, and call his mother! I'd be calling 911 first thing! What's up with that?

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    My thought is that this young lady felt guilty but was afraid to go to the police, so she called the family instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HesterMofet View Post
    My thought is that this young lady felt guilty but was afraid to go to the police, so she called the family instead.
    Probably. Now, I would prefer not to ever have to bury my son, but frankly, if my son was dead, I would be grateful for a call telling me where his body was.
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    From February 2013:


    Appellant, Ramiro Martinez, was charged by indictment with capital murder. Appellant pleaded not guilty. A jury found appellant guilty as charged... As the State did not seek the death penalty, the trial court sentenced appellant to life imprisonment...

    At trial, Rivera testified that, on the evening of June 30, 2009, he had been at appellant’s house with appellant, Rodriguez, and Israel Tanguma... That evening, the four boys were drinking liquor and smoking marijuana. They eventually ran out of one or both of those and decided to rob someone in order to buy more...

    As the boys were walking along the green mile, they saw Godfrey... Appellant pointed his shotgun at Godfrey and told him to get on the ground. Godfrey complied, getting onto his knees. Godfrey insisted he did not have anything. Rodriguez hit him with the back of his shotgun, and Godfrey fell to the ground. Appellant told Rivera to check his pockets. Rivera complied, finding $40. Appellant then told Rivera to leave. Rivera ran off in the direction from where they had come. When he was two blocks away, he heard a gunshot.
    According to Texas DOC, Jonathan Rivera was sentenced to 25 years for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon:


    Jonathan Rodriguez was sentenced to 15 years for the same charge:


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