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    AR - Troy Anderson, 75, Fort Smith, 23 June 2009

    75-year-old Fort Smith resident who went missing under suspicious circumstances has been identified as a controversial former Waldron mayor.

    Troy Anderson was reported missing Saturday, but is believed to have been missing for more than a week. Although Anderson has been living in a Fort Smith apartment, he was once the mayor of Waldron. Anderson resigned from the mayor’s office in Oct. 2006, after pleading no contest to charges of indecent exposure and abuse of office. However, Anderson had initially faced two charges of abuse of public trust and two charges of patronizing a prostitute.

    During the investigation that resulted in the charges, two women told a State Police investigator that Anderson solicited and paid for sex from them. Anderson was also accused of providing city water service to a woman in exchange for sex.

    “He had some problems, but he had many good qualities and was loved by many people,” said Rhonda Piles, a longtime friend of Anderson.

    Authorities are attempting to locate Anderson and determine the nature of his disappearance.

    Neither Anderson nor his tan Toyota pickup have been seen since June 21, said Sgt. Daniel Grubbs of the Fort Smith Police Department.

    Piles said a close mutual friend of hers and Anderson’s informed her that Anderson’s pickup has been located in the Little Rock area.

    The pickup had been sitting in the location for three days, she said.

    Fort Smith detectives searched Anderson’s apartment, but found no blood or “indication of a struggle,” according to Sgt. Levi Risley of the Police Department.

    Piles said she has been told that authorities discovered that bleach had been used to clean parts of Anderson’s bedroom and that sheets were missing from Anderson’s bed.

    Piles described Anderson as being of sound mind and highly intelligent.
    Anderson is described as approximately 6 feet tall, around 160 pounds and as having gray hair and green eyes.


    Police said his door was locked from the inside. The landlord reported the back window to Anderson's apartment shut but not locked.

    Anderson was the mayor of Waldron before residents there petitioned for him to resign in 2006. The petition came after Anderson was accused of patronizing a prostitute and for giving women in Waldron special treatment on their water bills in exchange for sex.

    Police won't confirm that Anderson's past has anything to do with this case.


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    The news has a teaser that there's a person of interest in the case. I'll watch and report back.

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    His car was found in Little Rock the day before he was reported missing.

    LE believes he had a girl friend in Little Rock.

    Neighbors say they looked in his window when they saw his vehicle was gone but a light and his A/C was on (Guess he usually turned it off when he left.) They saw a blanket up by the window, covered with twigs.

    Police have video of a man using Anderson's ATM card at a Fort Smith liquor store. (I can't capture a good pic from the video at the 40/29 site, so I'll look for it in an article somewhere.)

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    The man using his ATM card had the PIN number.

    He and his wife have been arrested.



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    Well, I would think that dna evidence in the house or fiber evidence could link this couple to the former mayor's disappearance.

    Why else would they have his debit card?

    And don't most people know that a camera in on you when you are using an atm?
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    FORT SMITH - Two people arrested with a missing man's debit card are not providing any information about what happened to him, a Fort Smith police spokesman said Monday.
    Sgt. Levi Risley said investigators have been questioning the two about the use of the debit card, how they obtained it and about the suspicious disappearance of its owner, former Waldron Mayor Troy Anderson, 75.


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    Body Found Near Missing Mayor's Truck in Little Rock, Suspect Charged With Murder

    Today, investigators with the Fort Smith Police Department, with assistance from the Pulaski County Sherriff's Office, located a burned body in a rural area of Pulaski County, approximately 500 – 600 yards from where Mr. Anderson's vehicle was located earlier. The body was burned beyond recognition and is being sent to the State Crime Lab for an autopsy and identification.
    Fort Smith Police have arrested Mario Dawson on charges of Murder in the First Degree. He will be booked into the Sebastian County Jail with no bond.

    "We found enough evidence that we believe the body to be that of Troy Anderson," said Captain Jarrard Copeland with the Fort Smith Police Department.

    "We believe Mario Dawson knew Mr. Anderson, and killed him in a confrontation in Fort Smith before getting rid of his body and truck in Pulaski County."


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    Rest in peace, Mr. Anderson.


    Medical Examiner: "Burned Body Is Missing Man Troy Anderson"

    Former Waldron Mayor Troy Anderson: Confirmed Dead By Police


    By: Staff

    An Arkansas Medical Examiner has confirmed that the badly burned body found in a wooded area is the body of missing former Waldron Mayor Troy Anderson.

    Anderson's skeletal remains were located approximately 500-600 yards from where Anderson's vehicle was located abandoned earlier, just outside Jacksonville. Authorities said the remains were burned beyond recognition.

    . . .

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    From December 2009:


    A man accused of killing former Waldron Mayor Troy Anderson has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and will serve a 30-year prison term.

    Mario Maurice Dawson, 21, entered the plea on Wednesday in Sebastian County...

    Mario Dawson told police Anderson pulled a knife when Dawson confronted him for paying Jasmine Dawson for sex. Dawson said he punched Anderson several times, and Dawson stopped breathing.

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