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    "A Year In Review" DVD proves revealing for the class


    24 students came home with a DVD from their teacher showing the events of the school year. Unfortunately, the DVD also showed a few still frames of the teacher engaged in sexual activity with a partner.


    Note to self: It pays to use a NEW, previously UNUSED DVD when creating the class memories if you want to avoid capturing this kind of a moment...
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    That would make for one heck of an embarassing situation! Didn't she watch the DVD first to make sure it looked good?

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    Uh oh!

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    Oh my!

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    Here is another article about the case, with photos (blurred out).


    According to this article, there doesn't seem to have been anyone else involved. What it consisted of was "a six-second sequence that very clearly showed the teacher pleasuring herself on a sofa". Basically, she was naked and doing it to herself. Classy.

    Also, believe09, I don't think it was a case of reusing an old DVD. She issued 24 copies of the thing.

    I agree with Lyn1001, how come she didn't review it and spot the problem?

    Most likely this was deliberate, even if it was her subconscious that did it, and her conscious mind was not aware of it.

    Given the growing number of female paedophiles in the news, you have to wonder what she was fantasising about when she was "pleasuring herself" on that sofa. Did she have a subconscious need to expose herself to her children?

    Again we see the double standards at work. If this had been a man who "accidentally" released a DVD to his class showing him engaged in a sex act, I don't think the school authorities, parents and posters on this board would be saying "oh how embarrassing for him" and "what a laugh".

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    You can see the video at this link (again the relevant parts are pixellated).


    The more I think about this, the more I feel it was not just an innocent mistake. Maybe she didn't intend it to get on the DVD that went to the kids, but somehow or another she was up to no good.

    Filming yourself engaged in a sex act is not just a normal thing that everyone happens to do. (Is it? I'm 47 so may be out of touch with what's 'normal' today.) And the sex clip doesn't get in the middle of the innocent clips all by itself. You would have to undertake various steps on the editing software. It doesn't just fall into place like something can slip down in a drawer. You would have to be editing the classroom video and the sex video at the same time.

    Something is not right.

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    >One father told local media: "My son's reaction was 'Dad, is that Ms Defanti?'<<

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    What a stupid and ridiculously careless mistake for someone who is supposed to be educated and organized. I wonder who the teacher had sent that video to and why she hadn't hidden it or put it away safely. To get it mixed up with the students dvd's is just weird. Maybe she's a drunk in addition to being kinky. Hopefully all her students passed the TAKS test and didn't get into too much trouble for not being on her prescribed ADD meds and interfere with her possible hangovers.(sarcasm)

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