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    TX - Police: Infants locked in shed behind illegal day care in Sealy


    Police went to the home at 227 Willow Street after a Texas Child Care licensing inspector alerted them that the occupants were operating a day care center illegally.

    Investigators believe Patek tried to hide the children when the inspectors came to her door. Patek is allowed to care for three children at a time. Investigators say they found 14 children when they arrived.

    The officers said the five children were car seats in a storage building surrounded by hazardous materials, including gasoline and insecticides. There were no adults in the storage building. There was also only a small air conditioner.

    Other infants and children were found hidden throughout the house, the backyard and the house next door, according to Sealy police. Police say Patek and her husband hid the children when State inspectors came to their front door. One of the children was found in a closet.

    We have had record breaking high weather for the last two weeks 100-104. there was a small window unit in the shed, but these poor babies ugh this woman I just have no words for her.

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    Oh God........I am so glad this was discovered before children died.

    At the link, one comment said her 2 year old was in her care and some odd things happened!!

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    Terrible. Lets hope this woman is carefully monitered from now on.

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    Three children at a time sounds kind of odd. Maybe a person in Texas is allowed to only care for 3 infants at a time and this woman was keeping a bunch. I've known of one person keeping up to six or seven kids at a time, but just not infants.

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