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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    I always feel so bad for the kids when this happens. I have a friend whose mom committed suicide when she was young...She is now 60 and it still stings.
    OT..but wanted to say that several years ago I was suffered from severe depression and contemplated suicide daily.
    Only the thought of what irreparable pain and suffering I would inflict on my children kept me from following through.
    Medication and a wonderful therapist have done the trick.

    This woman's children are going to need help and fast....my heart goes out to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElementaryDearWatson View Post
    I live on this river, 1 block from the marina where her car was found. Police are saying there are no signs of foul play but if you knew this area, you would know that this is not the type of river one could easily commit suicide in.
    I agree! I drive by there all the time and can't imagine it being a place to go do that. There are people around there all the time so I'm assuming she went there in the middle of the night so no one saw her?

    I feel horrible for those kids. I feel like since they didn't release her name to protect the kids then maybe she did have a history of depression and they were assuming she committed suicide?

    I hope they figure it all out and there isn't anything else going on there.

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    The obituary gives the date of death as Sunday. Is it customary to list the date of death as the date the body was found or the actual date of death?

    Online Obituary

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