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    KY - Johnny Fairchild accused of child rape, Paintsville, 2009

    This thread is for information and family support.


    8 July 09

    A Johnson County man accused of raping a 13 year old girl disappears as his trial is set to begin.

    Police say 42 year old Johnny Eugene Fairchild of Paintsville is missing and they are looking for him.

    His family says he left a suicide note behind, but investigators believe he might just be hiding.

    Fairchild's mother thinks he may be alive and she is begging him to come home.

    Friends say he did not want to face the rape charges and go to trial.

    more at link

    pic at link
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    Police continue to search for man accused of raping 13 year old girl

    Posted: 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2009
    Last Updated: 9:34 PM Jul 17, 2009

    . . .

    His wife Tammy Fairchild says she has not seen or talked to him since.

    She says it was a suicide note, but almost two weeks later, police think may still be alive.

    Detective Jason Dials says "There's no indication or anything to verify he has harmed himself. We have received some general information that he might still be in the general area, but of course, that's still ongoing and we're still taking tips and trying to locate Mr. Fairchild at this time."

    . . .

    Tammy Fairchild believes he is hiding to avoid trial, but she wants him to stop and face the charges.

    Fairchild says "Yeah, it's going to be a lot harder if he don't. I miss him and I wish he would come home, or turn himself in or something."

    Police say they will not hurt him if he surrenders.

    Fairchild is considered armed and dangerous.

    Police say if you see him, to call them immediately.

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    Johnny Eugene Fairchild is accused of raping a 13 year old girl in August of last year. Family members say he did not do it and Fairchild feared an unfair trial.
    "I'd stand in the church house and say he's not guilty." Johnny Eugene Fairchild's mother, Ruby Fairchild says her son never raped the 13 year old girl, a charge he was supposed to face in court early this week.

    She says, "We went to court, the last time he had to go, this Monday we went there and he wasn't there, and I knew something was wrong."
    His mother-in-law Ruth Reynolds says, "My daughter got up and found a note on his pillow." She says it was a suicide note.
    Ruby Fairchild says, "He said 'Mommy, I was scared' because he's never been in trouble in his life and he's 43 years old, and now he's worse than trouble."
    She says Johnny Eugene Fairchild asked for her for advice about whether or not to show up in court, because he felt he would not get a fair trial in Johnson County. His mother said she didn't know what to tell him. "He didn't think he had a fighting chance. The way they wouldn't move his trial. He said 'Mommy, I'm already guilty. They're charging me with it, and I'm not guilty'."

    Being charged with a crime doesn't make you guilty of it...if he was innocent he had nothng to fear.

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    Great news for everyone.


    Rape suspect is back behind bars
    Updated: 7:50 PM Aug 19, 2009

    A Johnson County man, accused of raping a 13 year old girl, leaving a suicide note and disappearing right before his trial is back behind bars.

    43 year old Johnny Eugene Fairchild disappeared from his home on July 6th and had not been heard from since then. Police caught him at his home in Paintsville early Wednesday morning.

    . . .

    Johnny Fairchild claims he is innocent of the rape charges but says he did not want to go to trial out of fear he would be convicted. He says he ran away and wanted to kill himself, but he says he changed his mind last night. He says he missed his family and decided to go home.

    Cuts cover Johnny Eugene Fairchild's arms and face. He says he did it himself Tuesday night after being on the run for six weeks.

    “I was fed up with it. I was going to commit suicide. I couldn't take it no more, and after I done it, it just like a switch went on in my mind. I missed my kids. I missed my wife. I wanted to see them,” Fairchild said.

    . . .

    He says he was scared of being convicted so he ran away, but he would not tell us where he was. He says, “Just hiding out here and there, hills, under bridges, wherever I could go.”

    Now he now regrets it. He says, “I should have just stayed and went through with it.”

    . . .

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    I'm so happy to hear that Johnny has been found and returned.
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