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    50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals

    While researching a totally unrelated subject, I clicked on this link in the sidebar..... a compilation of perverts.... oops, I meant to say "teachers who made news". Anyway, here you have it, all in one place:


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    Oh my gosh. I am shocked beyond belief. We have so many perverted teachers, even when we narrow it down to only females, that we can choose the 50 "MOST" infamous?

    This world is going to hell in hand basket, it really is.

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    What gets me is how little time any of these women served, even when they admitted it! If these were men, they'd all be in jail. It's ridiculous that these cases are judged by such different standards. I mean, can you imagine a defense lawyer ever saying about a man, "He's too good looking to go to jail, he'll be eaten alive in there?"

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