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    Quote Originally Posted by JBean View Post
    This discussion is fantastic cecybeans..but it is going to be hard to locate and revisit in the future. I am not going to close anything I am just bumping other threads, creating new ones and hoping for the best
    JB you are so right about the cross-referencing and thread bumping and the general tangents we posters (some of us admittedly more ADD than others) tend to pull ourselves toward as we get involved in our discussions. I have equal amounts of great respect and great sympathy for all of you mods.

    In fact, some of us have been thinking that maybe volunteer groups could get together during what appears to be a sort of slump in the news in this case and help organize some of these things out into a kind of index of sorts, categorizing and outlining different threads into general topics and subtopics and - within those threads - highlighting useful, but OT conversations for cross-reference or at least easier access later when the trial begins. Kind of like creating a mini-Dewey Decimal system for all things Anthony. If we could pull it off, it might serve as a template for other cases once they begin to get complicated.

    Initially, I'm sure, most cases start out with general threads and when something reaches a critical mass, it's clear that a kind of organized approach is needed and that makes it difficult to incorporate or integrate what has been said when things were more amorphous to a more structured environment.

    Maybe if some of us put our heads together we could isolate categories of topics that apply to most all cases (ie: suspects, defendants, forensic evidence categories like electronic or biological, timelines and calendars, defense and prosecution players, testimony or interview inconsistencies etc) - perhaps based on a review of how past cases here have evolved, and create a coding method of one or more symbols to classify certain types of posts so they could be either cross referenced more conveniently in one or more categories or at least help out the search function, which is sorely overtaxed as it stands.

    I don't know - I've had to apply that kind of librarian "knowledge management" logic to other problems professionally and it has turned out well and provided solutions that, while they provide an initial framework to help sort things, are flexible enough to evolve as needed to accommodate change. Just a thought, maybe something we could start a discussion on to see if people had ideas on how we might use this temporary "downtime" in the case to help organize ourselves for later when we will really need to be.

    If you think this type of discussion has merit, maybe you could start a thread where we could offer suggestions on what would, eventually, perhaps make your jobs a little easier.
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    There is so much to say on this topic cecy But I started your thread for the dialogue.
    I will be back later.

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    Useful start: add tags to threads.

    I make it a habit lately to add tags on threads of cases I am following, and it does work. Go to the forum index and search "Tori" or "Canada" or "Ontario" - try all three and see what comes up.

    It is a very fast way to index keywords on threads for later recovery during searches and would be an efficient way to begin the organization. Create the list of keywords and tag away.

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