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    CO - Parker, CO girl molested in her home

    This sort of thing is happening way too often lately; I think that since we're becoming better at protecting our children outdoors, these desperate perps are turning towards breaking into our homes-

    Authorities are looking for a man who entered an 8 year-old girl's second story bedroom in Parker and molested the child.

    The girl's parents heard the man inside the home and called 911. Deputies searched the neighborhood but didn't find the intruder.

    "We believe he entered and exited through an open second story window that he pried the screen off."

    The incident may be connected to a string of similar break-ins in the area over the past month, Denes said. He didn't say if children were molested in the other incidents.

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    He climbed up to her second floor window? Sounds like a teenager maybe. I can't imagine a grown man would chose that route. A burglar intent on robbery would probably just choose a first floor access.

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    Just another article on this case.

    In the photos, the area looks like a very nice place to live.

    I hate it that children aren't safe in their own bedrooms.

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