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    Posters! Need Your Input on Possible Chat with Dr. Michael Stone

    I need everyone to weigh in please.

    Dr. Michael Stone has new book out called "Evil." It's great. His publishing company sent it to me to review which I thought was very nice.

    I want to invite Dr. Stone to a WS chat but only if we will have large participation.

    Is he someone you would be interested in enough to give up a couple of hours on a weeknight?

    Dr. Stone is always on the Discovery I.D. channel with his "Most Evil" series.

    Here's more info:


    I haven't contacted his people yet but if posters express interest and are willing to do their best to participate I will contact them and set it up.
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    If I can be there, I will! I love that show. I try to see if I can guess close to the
    "Scale of Evil" number he gives to the subjects of his shows. I like it because he does cut some slack to those who are just stark, raving bonkers.

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    I will be there, unless I have a prior commitment. It sounds most interesting. I am not familiar with the show and have not read everything at the link. However, has Dr. Stone discussed or researched people that have others kill for them? Example: Gertrude Baniszewki, Alan Blackthorne, and Frances (Bradshaw) Schreuder, to name a few.

    Thank you Tricia for always thinking about us!

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    I watch Dr. Stone's Most Evil all the time..I love his assessments..

    I don't know the date of this show but if I have no prior commitments, count me in...

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    This would be very interesting! Thank you!

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    sounds great ! the nature of evil, is something of interest to us all i think.
    ill be there if you set something up.



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    I love "Most Evil". I'd definitely be up for it.

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    I am looking at his book The ANATOMY of EVIL sitting beside my computer. Count me in if this is still a possibility. It would be interesting to hear his expert opinion on current crimes.

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