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    Talking Children's ID kit..

    Hi WS'ers-
    I am requesting as many WS'ers as possible to purchase my childrens' ID kit for $4.00 each. Shipping is only .50 cents total - no matter how many ID kits are ordered.
    This phamplet has space for all vital information of your child and/or our beloved elderly. It has an ink strip and space for fingerprints, hair sample (DNA), dental, current photograph and other details of your loved one.
    This will aid you quickly to help a first responder with important information.

    My story-
    I have spent the last 4 years trying to get Social Security disabilty to no avail. I cannot do much lifting or sitting (due to injuries) so I am at a loss as to work that is available in my small town.
    I am basically climbing out of a hole without a rope - so to speak. :-)
    I so desire to retrieve my independence again and appeal to you WS'er.

    I see this as a valuable help to families and can be kept with your important records. I will add more products if, this is warranted, in the future.

    Thank you, all. Please, write to my PM (private messages) for paypal account. I will check daily for orders.

    Thank you again. Rhonda H. aka raregem

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    I am sorry for your situation, but I only donate to Marc Klaas and TES
    Founding Member of AFKBPOFPOPL

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    Our counties give those out for free as many as we want to take, infact.

    Beautiful Rox.
    Sept. 18, 1997 - May 26 2012
    Rest peacefully my love I'll forever miss you.

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    ID Kits

    Sooner Fan- Thx for your sympathies. It is appreciated. To e1 else please disregard this post. I do not know how to delete it. I still have these kits but, I will donate them to whomever can use them. I just wanted to be of help while helping myself. Wrong choice for product. Take care all and have a blessed day. raregem

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