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    Latest threat to food supply

    "Concerns growing over superbugs in our food
    The meat you buy could be contaminated with drug-resistant MRSA"

    From above article:
    "Did any food safety agency test for MRSA in this plant's chickens, which were then sold to the public and served on American dinner tables? Did any government organization determine the source of the outbreak? Calls to the USDA, CDC, and Arkansas Department of Health yielded a no to both questions; the poultry company that owns the operation did not respond to multiple requests for a comment from Prevention. Yet in recent years, studies have found MRSA in retail cuts of pork, chicken, beef, and other meats in the United States, Europe, and Asia."

    Time to become vegetarian! Then all you need to worry about are pesticides, fertilizers and e-coli or salmonella. Oh well.....maybe we should just stop eating?
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    Or grow our own food. I was thinking about how expensive groceries have become. The government wants us all to lose weight and become healthy, yet the price of "healthy" foods keep going up and up. A garden is making more sense every day.

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    My daughter works for a company that uses low doses of radiation to provide cleaner, safer and healthier products to the marketplace. For example: Herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and some dairy products. I don't know about you but I don't feel very safe knowing they are using radiation on MY food suppy!
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