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    TX - Joshua Robinson, 20, McGregor, 16 Feb 2006

    Originally purchased by curious53, moved here for discussion.

    Hello, fellow websleuths. I hope ya'll are ready and able to help me in my fight for justice!

    Attached documents, including a crime scene photo, petition/comment section/contact numbers, and statement that a McGreogor patrol officer was the last person to see my son, Joshua, alive in Amsler Park @ 1AM!

    America is Watching.Org Joshua Robinson

    The following case was provided to us by Joshua Robinson's mother, Cynthia.

    My son, Joshua Robinson, 20, was found dead, with a swing chain wrapped 3/4 of the way around
    his neck, in Amsler Park in McGregor, Texas, at 5:15 AM on February 16, 2006. The police
    immediately ruled his death a suicide...More...

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    Posted by: justthinkin moved here for discussion.


    I'm terribly sorry for the loss of your son. I'm a parent of boys too, though mine are grown. I wouldn't even want to think about losing one.

    Was no autopy performed? I thought that was standard procedure in the event of an untimely death, esp. that of a young person.

    Something's not right here at all. I think most young people who commit suicide leave a note. The only thing that makes your son's death a possible suicide ,IMO, is his anger. I'm familiar with depression that manifests itself in the form of anger and aggitation.
    However, none of the rest of the story adds up to suicide upon reading about his death.

    Likely not too many will see your story in its present location. The Mods may want to move it to a more appropriate spot at WS.

    You're right, a thorough investigation needs to be done.

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    I saw that this thread hasn't been updated for a few years and that the main link is no longer available.

    I found this site detailing what happened:

    There is no evidence to indicate Joshua committed suicide or even that he died by hanging. A report by Det. Martin included the statement, “Reportedly Joshua was a drug user.” However, Toxicology came back negative on drugs and alcohol. The Medical Examiner found no evidence of strangulation and no damage to the neck area except from bruising by the chain...
    From his mother:
    On March 10, 2006, I called Detective Martin and asked him why I, as Joshua’s mother and allegedly the last person to see him alive, never was interviewed. He told me, “We found out everything we needed to know from talking to Michael, Kayla and Mr. Holt.”

    When I questioned Kayla and Bill Holt about this, both told me they were not interviewed.

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    This is something that TBI or rangers should have been called. In no way should anybody, regardless of whether or not they were wearing a uniform or not, should be lying to family members, no matter what the circumstances were. Those police files should be somewhere, and include all of the officers names who were involved in the investigation. All of them should be questioned, along with the chief.
    I wonder if the PD did disband? This whole thing sounds like to me that there was a big cover-up, and probably those involved have scattered to the four winds. Makes you wonder if they learned their lesson, or are they out there hurting other people? Sounds really to me!

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