Okay, I just have to ask how dumb this guy is. Or thinks we are.

He claims he thought the girl was 18. Now I know as well as anyone that some 15 year old girls don't look 15. Hell, I WAS one of those girls.

Here's the catch: she said she knows him from school. Where he is a teacher. And she is a student. A middle school. That's 6-8th grade for those of you who haven't been in school or had kids in awhile. How many 18yo 8th graders do you know?

Also, he was her tutor. So he was tutoring her and he didn't notice that she was incredibly stupid? Or severely learning disabled? Huh. Why else would an 18yo still be in middle school? You think someone might mention that to the tutor?

What a moron. They need to put him under the jail and make sure he can't teach ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN!