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    NJ - Woman left beaten and naked on street

    When police arrived at the scene at 5:37 a.m., they found a naked woman lying on the eastern sidewalk of Van Horne Street about 15 feet south of Communipaw Avenue, reports said. The woman was unconscious with several head wounds and blood coming from her mouth, reports said.

    A witness told police he saw two men grab the woman, slam her head repeatedly on the pavement of the street and then drag her to the sidewalk at Van Horne Street. They then kicked her and removed her clothing, throwing it over a gate into an abandoned lot, reports said. The men then grabbed and fondled her, reports said.
    Welcome to the world Bridget!

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    Charges upgraded against teens accused of beating, stripping woman on street
    Carlos Acosta, 18, of Manning Avenue, and Davon Gordon, 18, of Arlington Avenue, made their first appearance on the charges this afternoon in Central Judicial Processing court in Jersey City where they were informed their bails were set at $250,000 cash or bond.
    At CJP, the judge told Acosta and Gordon that they are accused of repeatedly slamming the 29-year-old woman's head on the ground at Communipaw Avenue and Van Horne Street around 5:30 yesterday morning, punching her and kicking her while she lay unconscious.

    They are accused of then stripping her and throwing her clothes over a fence, according to a witness' account, and then turning on a man who may have tried to intervene. A third man will also be charged, Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said.
    It's really sad that there is all this crime in Jersey City.
    Welcome to the world Bridget!

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    This is just horrible! If I was witnessing something of that nature you could not even get me off these two! I would do everything in my power to help her.
    WTH is wrong with people today !
    I hope this poor woman lives and can remember who she is, and that poor man as well.
    Prayers for her..
    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
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    It sounds like someone did try to help her. We all would like to think that we would step in and help (and I believe you when you said you wouldn't let go), but we don't know what match we might be for two ****s who are possibly on drugs.

    I hope both the man and woman will recover and I hope all three of the perps get at least good beat down while locked up.

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    My heart goes out to the woman victim here. God Bless her and I hope she will be ok. I am also appalled that violence against women is all too common.

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