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    TN - Miriam Ruth Hemphill, 84, Oak Ridge, 22 July 2005


    21 July 09

    Miriam Ruth Hemphill disappeared on July 22, 2005, when she was 84.


    ...he also believes she is deceased.

    Hemphill believes Ruth may have driven her car into one of the area lakes -- which Oak Ridge Police Detective Bill Griffith also believes.

    Griffith has been investigating Ruth's disappearance since that day in 2005.

    The detective recently said he'd originally thought her car would have been found within six months of her disappearance, if she had driven off of the road and crashed into a wooded area or kudzu.

    "By winter when the ground cover was gone, I thought someone might see her car," Griffith said. But now he, like Bill Hemphill, believes Ruth may have driven her car into the lake.

    "I found a newspaper clipping where the person drove into the lake," Hemphill said. "Ruth had cut it out."

    Ruth Hemphill was driving a 1999 Buick LeSabre, beige or bronze-colored, with the tag number ABA-676.

    more at link

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