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Thread: Criminal trial scheduling including pre-trial hearings, conferences

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    Quote Originally Posted by VCDaedalus View Post
    I don't think Coleman plans to plead guilty, ever. His best chance for a long life is the death penalty. If he's given LWOP (or even a chance at parole), he'll be put in the general prison population. He might not last long, and it would not be a quick or pleasant death.

    If he's under the DP, he's in segregation, his physical safety assured. He could outlive every single person in the case: his own parents, Sheri's family, Joyce Meyer. He could live a quiet, secluded life with zero responsibilities and the guarantee of a quick and relatively painless death--whenever that comes around.

    No, he won't be pleading guilty.
    Yes he will be pleading guilty to save his own life. His father, the Rev. Ronald Coleman, Grace Church in Chester Ill., will finally convince him to save his soul he must confess. Wether the confession will be sincere is another matter, but HE WILL CONFESS> KTBA ktba

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    Coleman defense team is given until March 1st to ask for a change of venue
    ~True strength is being able to keep it together when everyone else expects you to fall apart.~

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    I understand these defense teams trying to let some time go over this crime, looking for a change of venue, but seriously -- do they honestly think just because emotions are not running as high as they once may have been and that because a young mother and her two children are not from the community that this alleged piece of human scum will not get the max?? They're only kidding themselves....and running up their fees I suspect.

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