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    Cubby is online now 50K reward, Bob Harrod-Missing: Call Det. Radomski 714-993-8176
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    Thumbs up Thanks Mods! love the new forum and ?

    I like this idea a lot! Great idea!

    Can we request threads be moved here? I for one patiently awaiting Dennis Potts trial for murdering Tori and Dean. IIRC that is scheduled to start in August. Not sure how much will be in the media, but would love to see that one moved from the 'crimes in the news' thread here? ETA: Not sure it would need a subforum as of now, but would love to see it moved to the general forum here.

    Can we just request the move, or would it be better to request the move when the trial starts?
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    DITTO!!! I love the new sub-forums! MUCH!!! TY!!!

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    I agree with Cubbs-thanks for the reworking of is looking sleek!!!
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