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    Lightbulb Samantha G nee O & Jennifer R

    What if....there really is a Samantha G & Jennifer R? Could Jennifer and Zeniada both now be related to Jesus O and possibly thereby both related to Caylee by marriage?

    I recently decided to do some searching for the "missing" players just to see what I could come up with. It proved to be rather interesting, IMO. While searching through the Orlando public records I found that:

    1. A Samantha G married a Pedro Carlos O on June 2, 2008. This could be why LE have not been able to locate her. They are looking for G, not O.

    2. There are 2 different Jennifer R with traffic violations. Both in the right age range DOB 1982 & 1986. 1 just got a traffic ticket, the other got a ticket & violated probation concurrently.

    3. I did a phone look up for addresses on these two ladies and found address listed for both names (Samantha O & Jennifer R). Strangely enough they BOTH have Casey's same zip code. This is not because they are all from Orlando as other people in the public records have various different zip codes listed. AnyWho & Whitepages.com both list the same phone number and address for both of these women. I don't want to post it as it might be someone completely uninvolved in this case. I can however provide both if necessary.

    4. When I did a ping map comparision of where these two women live or lived I was startled. They live within 2-3 miles of each other, just south of HWY 417 and immediately south of the airport. There is a ping map for June 25 2008 that has a yellow house sitting exactly on the spot where these 2 women live, yet it is not listed as to who's house it is. All others are accounted for, but not this one house. I believe that these properties are well within the ping maps we have been using. I remember that there were some searches done out near the airport. I wonder how close they were to these addresses.

    5. When I did a property appraisal search on both properties they both appear to be rental properties. Each owned by someone other than O or R and neither filed as Homestead Exemption. Both have been owned for 3-10 years also, so not a new sale.

    6. Both properties are located just off of Sawgrass Plantation Rd.

    I have been discussing these findings with another sluether here and she has encouraged me to come forward with these findings to see if any other sleuthers can help find information on these women. Before anyone starts ranting and raving about Casey's guilt and that I am just trying to help the defense by putting up doubt, let me just say this:
    Do you just want to kill Casey or do you want to find justice for Caylee by helping catch her murderer? What if I'm right? Will you let a potential murderer or murderers go free because of preconcieved notions and/or ideas?
    I think more like a scientist. Pick a theory and try to PROVE it until it is obvious it CAN'T be proven. So far, there is still room for doubt. You however, can make the difference. Prove that these two are not and could not possibly be the two people Casey is refering to and this road will be forever closed to the defense.
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    You have my attention. I like the way you've presented your information and VERY much appreciate your scientific viewpoint. We seem to be running into speedbumps when it comes to PROVING anything.....so it's a great idea to start with something new and see if we can PROVE it to be false. I'm still feel like a newby when it comes to this sleuthing stuff (I've only been a member for a few months, but have been reading for a long time) and I'd love to help you out if you can give me a little direction!

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    ....you have my attention as well !

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    To be honest, I'm not really sure what to do next. I'm hoping some sleuthers will have a few good ideas. I will be doing some searches and reverse searches for email addresses, websites, pics ect for these two women, if possible. I feel this may just be the beginning or tip of the iceburg so to speak.
    Also thank you for your positive replys. This is my first thread and I am glad that there is interest in following these leads.

    I really think we can nail this down if we try.
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    Try a search as there are many threads that have discussed this issue.

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