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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.

    TX - Men confess to sex with 12-year-olds

    Two men accused Wednesday of raping two 12-year-old girls confessed to having sex with the children, police said.

    Officers arrested Theodes Demone Shells, 18, and Joshua Leo Willis, 19, on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The brothers remained behind bars Thursday, according to Lubbock County Jail records.

    The girls have been released from the hospital, police said.

    They accused the men Wednesday evening of kidnapping and sexually assaulting them. A family member found the girls walking near the Morocco apartment complex at 1602 Ave. R, which is Shells' listed address.

    The girls were reported as missing on Tuesday and were listed as runaways in the police report.

    Shells' and Willis' mother said Wednesday her sons didn't abduct the girls and the girls "lied about their age."
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    If I understood it all correctly, I believe the family reported the girls missing and police listed them as runaways. When the girls were found by their family one was bloody, they were bruised, and had cigarette burns on them.

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    There are some more details here: http://lubbockonline.com/stories/072...68159658.shtml

    If the accounts of injuries to the girls are true, I can only say:

    Dear Scum and Family of Scum,

    It really doesn't matter whether or not two young girls "lied about their age" once they are found bleeding, bruised and with cigarette burns on their bodies. If you had even half of a brain, you might be able to understand this concept.

    Oh, and P.S. 12 year old girls can look mature for their age, but none can pass for 18 without there being room for doubt.

    This is a tired excuse used by pedophiles and sleazy creeps who can't be bothered to care if they are screwing a very young girl, so long as it gets them laid.

    No Love,

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    I find them so sick and would like to hang them on the spot. I know, I get too emotional over these incidents.

    What I can't understand is the mother of the boys.

    "She said she visited the apartment several times Wednesday and noticed the girls, who she said she'd never seen before, "laughing and having fun."

    "They stayed up all night playing video games and eating," she said of the girls."

    What, she doesn't even find it odd they were hanging out with little girls? We can see where these learned behaviors begin. She sees the girls and thinks it's fine they are there playing video games (Not)..

    These parents that enable are half of the problem.


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    These stories make me so sick and angry! I'm at a loss for words anymore. Lock 'em up and throw away the key. And they need to toss the mother in as an accessory to a crime as far as I'm concerned. And there needs to be a new standard with police that when a family member reports a person as missing, they don't automatically list it as "runaway".

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