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    SC - Katherine 'Kate' Waring, 28, Charleston, 12 June 2009


    22 July 09

    Katherine Waring was last seen June 12, 2009. On Wednesday deputies with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and detectives with Charleston City Police searched a wooded area near the Seneca River for Waring’s body. The search began around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. Charleston City police said their department received information on Tuesday that Waring’s body might be near the banks of the Seneca River. The search ended in the afternoon with no body found.

    Katherine Waring is from Charleston. Her family reported her missing June 15, 2009 when they didn’t hear from her for three days. According to Tom Waring, his daughter received threatening text messages two weeks before she disappeared. Those texts included a message saying “if you caused this to happen you will be the first to die.” Another text told her when she came home—implying someone was watching her. Mr. Waring said his daughter never said who sent the text messages.

    more at link

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    that's scary!

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    I just met this young woman's lovely mother in my gallery today. A press conference is scheduled for Monday in Charleston- her daughter is still missing. Any help- even if it just to keep her name out there, would be appreciated. Her mother seems to feel that the police did not take this seriously at first because of her age. That no longer seems to be the case. All you w'sluethers in SC and beyond, let us see how we can help!

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    Has LE spoken to the family about those text messages? You'd think they would have the cell phone records by now and could trace the origin of those threathening texts. Curious

    Where was she employed?
    Was she married or did she have a boyfriend?
    Did she have her own apt or house or roomates?
    If her Father saw her on June 12th, where was the location where he last saw her?
    Do her parents live in the Charleston area also?
    WHY do her parents 'think' she may have headed to the 'Greenville' area. Is it because there is family residing in Greenville, like the Grandmother that was noted in the article? Was it a place she would frequent when she wanted to 'get away' ?

    *******************************Information & Links ******************************
    Just noted the search was in Anderson County which is on the SW part of the state, completely opposite Charleston,SC.
    Family thought she might head to Greenville County.
    Greenville County and Anderson county border each other.

    (from news link above-post#1)

    Shortly after Waring’s disappearance, a man tried to cash tried to cash one of her personal checks in the amount of 4,500. Police investigated his activity but determined he was not a suspect.
    Has LE explained that determination to the family?

    Just found these add'l news links:


    also a news link
    http://indexjournal.com/articles/200...%20missing.txt that won't open, but I copied the article text from the HelpFindTheMissing site as it gives more detail. This was found at Help Find The Missing - View Single Post - Katherine Waring, 28, Missing Since 6/12/09, Charleston, SC

    By CHRIS TRAINOR/ ctrainor@indexjournal.com

    Friday, June 19, 2009 10:42 AM EDT
    Authorities said Waring was last seen by her father on Friday night 6/12/09 and said they thought she might be headed for Greenville. Those with information on her whereabouts should contact Charleston Police at 843-577-7434.

    Waring is the granddaughter of Greenwood’s Josephine Abney.

    According to a report provided to The Index-Journal by Charleston Police public information officer Charles Francis, Waring’s father spoke with officers Monday afternoon and said he had not been able to reach Waring since about 6 p.m. Friday night, which he said was unusual since she normally speaks with her parents every day.

    The father also reportedly told police that numerous calls to Waring’s cell phone went straight to voicemail.

    The report said Waring’s father advised officers that she has a stress disorder stemming from a childhood incident and takes medication for the condition. The report also said Waring’s father told the officers that she has a DUI charge pending against her and takes a taxi everywhere she goes because she doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.

    The Charleston report said the missing woman’s father advised that she had recently received threatening and cryptic text messages, including one that said “If you caused this to happen, you will be the first to die” and another that commented on what she was wearing when she arrived home one night, as if someone were watching her.
    Waring reportedly never told her father who sent the text messages.

    The report said Waring’s father was suspicious of one of the woman’s acquaintances, 29-year-old Ethan Carlos Mack, of Johns Island. The father reportedly told officers that Waring recently indicated she was afraid of Mack and his girlfriend because of a recent incident with them and had been attempting to distance herself from them.
    According to the report, officers attempted to contact Mack at his home on Monday, but were unsuccessful.
    The Charleston Police document said a National Crime Information Center check on Mack revealed he has prior convictions for possession with intent to distribute cocaine and simple possession of marijuana, along with shoplifting, receiving stolen goods, grand larceny and possession of a stolen firearm charges.

    Waring’s father notified the officers that he was contacted Monday morning by a Bank of America branch in Charleston. The bank said that Mack tried to cash one of Katherine Waring’s personal checks Monday morning in the amount of $4,500.The bank refused to cash the check and the bank teller noted Mack left in a silver Chevrolet Malibu with Georgia tags.

    article regarding the tip that evidently came to the parents via an email:


    They were searching an area near Highway 24 and the Seneca River in Anderson County on Wed. JULY 22nd, but they called off the search around 2:00 p.m. because they didn't find anything substantial, officials said.
    Anderson County sheriff's Sgt. Andy Tribble said the tip given to Waring's family was not where to find Waring, but where to find her body. He said, "All I know is a friend of the family had this info via e-mail and it was pretty descriptive in this area. You can read it and get right to where we are. So being as specific as it was, we wanted to come check it out."

    DOB: 5/5/81 Charleston?,SC

    ETHAN MACK- DOB: 12/15/79

    NOTE to GALVINO(member above): Are you staying in touch w/ her mother?
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    I gave her Mother the info about webslueths. She had been contacted by some missing person's group, but couldn't remember their name offhand. I didn't discuss the circumstances with her here in the shop, she was in with friends and I got the distinct feeling she didn't want to go into it. She was a really lovely woman but didn't tell me anything other than where and when she went missing, and about her passion for Russia (I sell Russian Art) before she went missing, and her plans to go back to Russia to study. PM me for other info- I am unsure of whether or not she will visit this site. She was VERY poised, looks like her daughter very much.

    Thanks for what you dug up- I am more of a reader than a sluether! This gives us a little more to go on. I do have some contact info for her....
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    After reading what you were able to dig up, it looks very frightening for this young lady. Seems she may have been having some difficulty in her personal life, what with the DUI and involvement with this Mack guy. Not that a DUI is in an of itself a red flag-stuff happens. The fact that she was obeying the law and not continuing to drive without a license shows that she is not a 'typical' person living on the fringes. After meeting her mother and her friends I can tell she comes from a very nice family. I will be interested in what the press conference has to say on Monday-her plan to go to Greenville without being able to drive herself is interesting- Greenville is less than an hour from me, and about 31/2 hours from Charleston. Ga is not so far either (the plates on the car). I wanted to ask her mom more but really felt that it was not something she wanted to go into and I didn't want to pry. She seemed very excited about her daughter's planned studies in Russia in the future and intimated that she was a very intellegent young lady.

    I am thinking of mailing her a Russian drawing to honor her daughter's love for that country. It is all I know to do. This is the 1st time I have ever met anyone whose life has been touched by the type of things we read about here and I just feel so bad for her. She was such a gracious lady who did a very good job of holding her composure so soon after this happening. I am sure her quiet times are filled with anguish.

    We did have a laugh about Nancy Grace, though!

    Mom, If you read this, I will be sending you that drawing. My prayers are with you.
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    Man says he's not involved in case
    Friend says he's frustrated that some people think he might be a suspect
    By Tony Bartelme
    The Post and Courier
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Ethan Carlos Mack may have been one of the last people to see Katherine Waring before she disappeared June 12.

    . . .

    On Tuesday, Mack said he was fed up that some think he's involved in her disappearance. He said he has cooperated fully with Charleston police in their efforts to find her.

    "I tried to call her and tried to look for her," Mack told The Post and Courier. "I want her to come home because I miss my friend a whole damn lot."

    . . .

    In a police report, Waring's father, Thomas, told investigators that he was suspicious of Mack, who lives on Johns Island. The police report also said that three days after Waring's disappearance, Mack tried to cash one of Waring's personal checks for $4,500 at a Bank of America branch on Folly Road. The teller refused, the police report said.

    In an interview, Mack said he has talked with detectives several times during the past six weeks and that he let officers search his house. "If I'm supposed to be a suspect, would you let people search your house? Most people would be running and hiding and wouldn't help look for someone."

    . . .

    Mack said he tried to cash the $4,500 check because "that was money she owed to me and my girlfriend for jewelry." He said Waring had written checks to him before, and that her bank accounts should confirm that.

    . . .

    "I was there through all the crying," he said. "All I wanted from this girl was to be her friend."

    . . .

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    Charleston's Katherine Waring missing for 3 months

    Mother makes a plea.
    $25,000 Reward offered
    Friends have created a site

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    Have the police reviewed the 4500.00 check for handwriting analysis, comparing it to Katherine's? Checked for Katherine's fingerprints?
    Or was the check given back to Ethan Mack?
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    Body on Wadmalaw believed to be Waring

    Four months after Kate Waring's disappearance, the tireless hunt for her by her family, friends, and Charleston authorities seems to have come to a close. It is believed remains found on Wadmalaw Island are Waring's.
    Waring's family was informed Saturday morning that a female body had been found by a private investigator searching the site on behalf of the family, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation. Forensics crews were dispatched to the scene shortly after.


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    Wadmalaw Island info:

    Prayers for the family.
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    Missing Charleston woman's remains found on island

    Missing Charleston woman's remains found on island
    Posted: Oct 10, 2009 12:29 PM EDT
    Updated: Oct 10, 2009 7:18 PM EDT

    ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Four months after Kate Waring's disappearance, the tireless search by her family, friends, and Charleston authorities has come to a close. Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten said skeletal remains found on Wadmalaw Island Saturday are those of Waring.


    Prayers to the family of Kate.
    God Grant me the serenity to accept those things which I cannot change, the strength to change those things which I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore, and who always will. So don't worry about people from your past; there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

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    Prayers for Kate's family.

    I live in the same town as Kate's grandmother, Josepine Abney. She is a philanthropist (oil painting of her on wall on Women's Center at local hospital where I work . Kate's grandfather owned one of our local cotton mills here that employed large part of our community before manufacturing went bust.

    I hope justice will be done for Kate in this case.
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    Very very very close and very scary to me. Now that we know where she is, I can't help but wonder what the hell happened.
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